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Tuesday morning I returned home from work, this of course being last Tuesday. And I flipped up my laptop to find, if you can’t tell by the picture, a broken laptop screen. I sadly know this because I’ve been down this road before.

My Dell, as pictured above, was a replacement laptop, which well, aren’t they all replacement laptops after your very first? Well, this laptop, the Dell, I had gotten 2 and a half years or so ago, and while it was a replacement, it always felt that way. It never fell into my heart as true love.

Granted over the past few months, yes, it has become the great machine I have used to refire that urge to become a great blogger again. But it’s death, unlike it’s birth wasn’t announced it just happened.

So fast forward a few days, after realizing it’s better to go full replacement once more than attempt to fix this guy. Because really, I could have fixed that laptop for a cool 30 bucks or so, but this would involve me taking the laptop apart, dealing with small screws and trying to line up the replacement screen.

Like I said, I’ve done this before.

With some left over gift cards from Christmas, and the desire to get a new laptop instead of fixing a broken laptop, I went on the hunt for the next big thing. Or at least the next thing that I could use to you know, do computer things with.

Jumping through the internet looking and browsing for a new guy is quite difficult, because sometimes you want that, or sometimes you think you need this. But it all came down to that one thing everyone is worried about, and that being price.

Because really, we’re all cheap, and when you have no money you’re cheap!

Should I get a flip laptop, yes, they have those now. Which basically is a two in one type deal, a laptop that turns into a tablet. Granted for a half a day I was quite interested in getting one of those, I thought I could use it like a drawing pad, I could draw the world. But then I remembered I can’t draw, not even at a wrestling show.

And then I found it, the new girl. The one I’m currently working with, and the one’s who’s buttons I’m loving to push.


So with a few discounts, and managing I got it through Amazon for a steal. Only 200 bucks!

And then that’s when the world ended….

Okay, maybe not ended but the trouble began.

I go ahead and order it, and then after stepping away from my phone, which I had ordered it on. I check back a while later and find out that the laptop I ordered can’t be ordered. But why!?

Well, it turns out I had used a credit card that is no longer up-to-date. I think it was from a while back, still on file through Amazon, back when that whole Target trouble happened and I was sent a new one. So yeah, now I had lost my laptop.


Not to fret, all I had to do was enter the right credit card, enter my debit card. It didn’t really matter right? As long as they got their money and I got my laptop.


Another problem arises, I can’t do this because I have to actually get on a laptop to change my form of payment. So thus without having a laptop, or wanting to wait to get someone elses laptop, I jump on my phone and just delete the whole purchase. I go and re-order it.

Good, all is good. The laptop will come Friday and I’ll be back to my old ways, not missing too many posts updates for Hachland and keeping my few fans interested in learning more about me.


Yep, another one.

I go and check when it’s coming and find out that order had been cancelled.


Yes, pain, misery, sadness. All those feelings and more, mainly confusion.

So I go to Amazon, ask what’s going on, find out that they just cancelled it because well, they thought that’s what I wanted. Or something like that.

I’m told through their customer service to reorder it and they’ll make sure I get it at the same price and yada yada yada. And they will ship it out A.S.A.P.

Fast forward to yesterday, and I finally receive my laptop!

Joy in Mudville!

Now I have my laptop and it’s time to find the fun I once had when I first got a laptop. That and remembering all my passwords, and websites I visit daily.

So yeah… Hachland is back.

And this new girl.. she’s a Lenovo, for those keeping track.