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We’re a little over the two year anniversary of me attending my first ever Squared Circle Wrestling show, which was held on April 19th, 2014. The show was entitled 2CW Comes Home, it was held at Driver’s Village in Cicero, New York. Sadly though the company has since closed it’s doors, in which I have stated in previous posts and talked extensively in The Final Journey.

I had always been a wrestling fan, something that I have mentioned numerous times, so attending this show is no shocker. Over the previous few years before attending this show I had heard and even watched numerous videos, internet pay-per-views about this small little company based out of Syracuse.

Talking with numerous people through Twitter I had learned more and more about this company, I credit my big notice to a guy named Sam. Who would talk about attending these shows and sitting front row and having the time of his life all while enjoying the best wrestling he’s ever witnessed.

Due to my work schedule at the time, which had no weekend day’s off, yes, actually nights, because I worked night crew even way back here. I couldn’t get the chance to attend a show. So with my upcoming birthday I decided hey, why not go to a wrestling show. So the day before my 31st birthday I would attend a wrestling show by some company named 2CW.

Yes, I didn’t expect much.

Along with my uncle and aunt as well as Lindsay, we attended a wrestling show at a car dealership. Yes, this venue was at a car dealership. Granted though, it used to be a mall, a mall that I actually had my Christmas pictures taken at one year.

We went in with general admission, not knowing what to expect. While we walked in we made numerous jokes, not only about those attending the show, but at the carpet, the chairs and well, pretty much the entire set up. Yes, it was kind of funny, especially seeing that this venue was set up more for a conference meeting for a business than a wrestling show, but there was a wrestling ring instead of a few tables set up for coffee and donuts.


The ring was set up on one side of the room, the conference room if you will. There was this huge pillar which we would find out later would hinder viewing. We found four chairs somewhat in the back of the conference room, the chairs were well, very cool, for a conference meeting or even a wedding but for wrestling, eh, at least we know they wouldn’t be folded up and used as a weapon.

While waiting for the show to start, something that I know now was one of the things that’d make them so great. After working 10 hours Thursday night into Friday and driving the 2 plus hours to Syracuse, I at first struggled to stay awake. But there was still a wrestling show to watch.

Previously to attending this show, I had browsed the companies Facebook and Twitter page and noticed some merchandise they were debuting at this show, they would have this one shirt that I enjoyed. It was an alteration of the famous Jack Daniels logo and spun into the way to support their brand, the 2CW brand. So I went over to their merch table and bought it, yeah, pretty cool first time at a show and I’m already spending money on their brand.

I guess that’s where I got sucked in.

Also sitting around, I noticed a guy sitting behind me trying to sell his own merchandise, and at this time not sure who he was, because well, I hadn’t been big into wrestling then like I am now, yes, I knew he was someone but whom, I hadn’t a clue. But I took a picture, and later posted it, because you know, I’m cool.


Of course I’m talking about that little kid, I’m guessing his name is Jake or Jedediah. Although some guy with a muscle shirt on, looking at his phone kind of photo bombed this photo. I doubt that guy will amount to anything, he’ll never be on NXT or anything like that. And he probably has some lame name like John or Johnny. Dude probably lives in Cleveland or something, and yet he tells everyone he lives in Johnny’s World.

Yeah, I know it’s Johnny Gargano, I’m making jokes here.

The show was supposed to start a minutes ago, if not about 15 minutes but there was no sense of urgency to start the show. It was odd, something I know now. But as this was happening there were a bunch of characters walking around the ring. From a guy wearing a blue and orange shirt talking to a bunch of people in the front row. There was a guy with a orange shirt who looked like he was homeless and had just rolled off the streets. And then this bigger guy who kind of looked like Eric Cartman come to life. He was wearing a winter hat and sunglasses, sunglasses that looked out of this world, like almost alien style or something. He and this caveman looking guy with the orange shirt got into the ring.

And then the oddest thing I’ve ever seen started to happen.

They started vacuuming the ring.


A real live vacuum.

But get this, the thing wasn’t plugged in at all. Yet, they played around like it did.


I have since learned about these people, and who each and everyone of them are. But at the time, I was greatly confused, yet intrigued. Why were they vacuuming? Did the people running this company know who they were? And why was he smoking a cigarette?

As the show went on I saw a bunch of wrestlers I’ve seen on television and live in person from years ago attending wrestling shows for a company known as Ring Of Honor. There were stars from WWE, ECW and WCW. Names like Matt Hardy and Mikey Whipwreck.

But the most amazing thing was the guys that I hadn’t heard of before that have since grown up in front of my eyes. Guys like Sean Carr, Jay Freddie, Dick Justice, Brute VanSlyke, Kevin Graham, Dalton Castle and various others.

The view from where I sat was very poor, and it would be one of the last time’s I would sit so far away from the ring at a 2CW show. I would attend a show again via general admission, but I attended a lot of my next shows sitting front row. Something that made the experience so much better.

The show went on to be a very enjoyable show, and even featured the fans chanting “We Want Captain.” I’m not sure if this was the birth of this chant, but it was surely an hours worth of fun just with that chant alone. The chant was in honor of their champion at the time Nick Ando, who was nicknamed the Captain and came to the ring wearing a Captain’s hat along with a fur coat.

He made his entrance numerous times each and every time to the Gilligan’s Island theme. Yes, the 1970s sitcom. His entrance came from every which way, from the entrance area in which other wrestlers came from, to the entrance to this conference room, to a random door on the side. It was annoying, it was awesome and it was memorable all at once.

And each in every time he was followed by that weird guy who looked like Eric Cartman. My uncle and I joked that he must have been the First Mate.

Not knowing much about 2CW prior to going in, I instantly got hooked. And yes, that Captain had a big hand in that. This was my first show and I would end up attending 16 more shows until their untimely demise, okay, I guess they timed it, but it’s sad, so bug off.

I would have posted more pictures, but this was around the time I got my cellphone I’m currently using, and well, I didn’t know how to take a picture. A lot of the one’s I have are blurry, out of focus, and I didn’t know the difference between holding the phone so I can get a picture landscape the correct way.

And here’s a question for those interested… Can you guess what shirt I was originally wearing before putting on the 2CW shirt? Hint, it’s a wrestling shirt.