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In my ultimate search for the great hot dog and to eat some tasty ice cream, I ventured out to Clifton Park. That’s in New York, if you’re wondering, and I got what I desired.

That being hot dogs and ice cream!

This is a few years ago, back during their 45th anniversary. As you can see here in this picture. You can also see someone lined up the A-1 and other condiments pretty nicely.


As we looked over the menu deciding what to eat a bunch of choices popped out but then I realized what I really wanted. And well.. Let me just say they had hot dogs with meat sauce! And for those who don’t know, let me tell you they are my favorite!


As you can see I got two hot dogs with meat sauce and wouldn’t you know they throw their meat sauce on their french fries too!

They were pretty good, if I can remember correctly. While I didn’t find them to be the best, they were fairly good. I mean they’re no Texas Hots, but hey, they were pretty good.

For desert, because it is a ice cream stand after all. We shared this fantastic ice cream dish.


Overall this place was pretty good. If I would give it a rating I would, but I don’t do that. So I’ll just remember that this place was good and probably go again this year.

Because hot dogs and ice cream!