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Today was going to be the day I was going to post my review of the recent In Your Face Wrestling show I attended. It was their annual show called Memories, Moments & Mayhem or M3 for short. It’s their biggest show of the year, their WrestleMania if you will. They go out and bring in some of the biggest wrestling legends of the past. They also run a convention that runs during the day where local vendors are able to have a venue to sell things.

Let me explain why today was going to be the day, but now, well, I’m not going to do that.

Alright, so for those who may or may not know I’ve been following this company on and off for a few years. And even before that I had attended a show and followed them when they were under the name of World Of Hurt. Yes, that’s another company now, but there was friction and things happened and blah blah blah here we are today there’s two different companies. This show I’m talking about is like back in the days where I didn’t have a car and I was still in high school, so yeah years and years ago.

Now let’s fast forward from that to August of last year, when the local rival wrestling company Dynasty was running a show the same day as one of their shows. I’ve written about this and called it Battle Of Albany. So I attended the Dynasty show and had wanted to attend the In Your Face show due to one of my friend’s brother making his debut.

I had accomplished this task, but missed some of the Dynasty show.

When I arrived at the IYFW show I got to see some of my friend’s brother making his debut as a wrestler his name is Zane Maverick. And well, he wrestled a couple of times for the company and now do to being mistreated, disrespected and lied to is no longer with the company.

But that’s not the major story, sadly. Although there’s another story to be told about how their wrestling school is just one big scam.

I’ll talk about the various mistakes this company made at the show and sub-sequentially days later.

Instead of getting long-winded and taking everyone’s time explaining the show word by word, match by match, I’ll just give the quick bullet points.

A few of my friends who I met through attending 2CW shows were talking about driving up from Syracuse and various other locations in New York state. Basically driving over an hour and a half or more just to come up and watch a wrestling show. One of “our guys” Sean Carr was wrestling for this company, he had previously wrestled for them a few months earlier and was making his return.

Along with Carr, the company would be bringing in some wrestling legends as they do this for their yearly “WrestleMania” type show. This year they were bringing in Kevin Nash, Hardcore Holly, Scott Norton, Cody Deaner, Marty Jannetty coming in. But prior to getting inside I had learned that Marty Jannetty wouldn’t be coming, nothing on this companies fault but well, Marty’s fault.

The line to get in was fairly long, it was quite accomplishment for this small company. Doors opened around 6:30 for the 7 o’clock show, they had previously mentioned on their Facebook page about running a pre-show battle royal that would start at 6:50.

Due to the length of the line a lot of the wrestling fans, including two of my friends and myself didn’t get inside till 7:05pm. Only seeing the tail end of the battle royal and missing the majority of it.

Strike number one.

As you see they made a lot of mistakes, while they may not have been their fault. They’re small mistakes and well, they actually get quite worse.

Another one of these mistakes was during the Sean Carr match, a match at least 10 or more people drove two or more hours just to see.

Now before I explain it, let me say this, at every single independent wrestling company I have attended they have allowed you to take photos, record video and enjoy the show. Personally I have posted video I have taken at wrestling shows on my Facebook page, on my Instagram page and even on an independent wrestling themed Facebook page my friends run called The Indy Network.

So the second mistake they made was approach a fan and tell him he wasn’t allowed to video record.

A man who has attended various wrestling shows throughout New York and Pennsylvania. A man who has done such at each and every show he has attended. A man who has never been yelled at for recording video at a wrestling show before. A man who has a late-model cell phone. A man who wasn’t going to use the video for profit. But a man who was just recording a match because he enjoys Sean Carr and enjoys wrestling.

Strike number two.

Now throughout the show there was a bunch of wrestlers that have been long-term wrestlers for this company. They’re not very good, but I’m not holding that against them. They only wrestle the six or so times a year this company runs a show.

Yes, remember this, they only run shows six times a year.

But now a bunch of these guys are a little green, and in one of the matches we saw this. It was a three-way dance and two of the wrestlers have been involved in ROH, WWE and TNA. Their guy hasn’t.

There was a spot in which the fans got involved and chanting. They were chanting “Wrestle Yourself.”

So I and my friends being veterans of watching wrestling and attending wrestling shows thought it’d be a great idea if the guy did just that. If he started wrestling himself. Send himself into the ropes, give himself a hop toss, you know basic wrestling moves. It would be comedic gold.


It didn’t happen.


Throughout the night there was a gentlemen in the front row that was cheering, chanting and getting reactions from wrestlers. He even got a hug from Sean Carr. I had even pointed him out and made a joke that he was similar to a front row fan from 2CW.

Well, here comes the third strike.

One of their security guards, not the one who complained about the video recording, but another. Came up to him and said something to him.

But what was said?

The guy looked quite shocked and sunk down in his seat.

Granted this was a gentlemen in his 40’s who paid the front row price and brought his family to see a wrestling show.

As it would be revealed, the guy got yelled at for cheering.


FOR CHEERING!? Are you serious!

Now, let me also throw this in for size. He was sitting in the front row, but there were a couple little kids as well as a guy in his teens coming up to the front row and getting in front of him.

But nothing was said about that.

Shortly after a few matches, a few more fans were cheering and chanting, one guy cursed. And this just set the guy off. As he saw the security guard do nothing.

So what did he do next!?

He got up from his seat and walked right over to the security guard and got into it with him. Another guy would come up, that I have seen at various other shows run by this company. He would attempt to calm down the man and explain what was going on.

A match or so passes after this and there’s a few more fans chanting, some even started by the wrestlers. Chants like “Bullshit” and “She’s Got Herpes.”

Yet, this gentlemen got yelled at.


But we’re not done.

They had a female tag team match, a match which featured the in-ring debut of one of their female students. And well, after the match she was attacked by a group of 4  men. Yep, four on one attack. Let me say that again — four guys and one girl. (EDIT: None of them touched her as they were interrupted)

But it doesn’t end there.

A wrestler, who weighs in around 350 to 400 pounds comes out for the save. But nope, he takes a small foam baseball bat and slams her as hard as he can. Yep.

And then…

Because he’s not done beating down a teenage girl. He picks her up and power bombs her.

Yeah, I know it’s wrestling it’s fake right?

No matter how fake it is, it’s a grown man attacking a teenage girl. A 350 pound guy beating down a 90 pound girl.

I’ve seen plenty of male versus female matches. But this.. this was down right awful.

Let’s just call that the second out.

There were plenty of other huge mistakes during this show. The fact that the video banner out near the road advertised the show to end at 10pm, yet, the show didn’t end till about 11pm. Yeah, I’m fine with a wrestling show lasting a little longer, but for the majority of the fans they had brought in young children. So yeah, kind of wrong there.

Another huge mistake was the security guard who yelled at the fan thought he was the ring equipment guy too. As he tried to fix a turnbuckle pad that fell down. Which yeah, you want to keep the ring from falling apart and keep things together.


Yeah, there’s that word again.

But there was a match going on at the time he thought he was smart at fixing the ring.


Better fix that ring buddy!

Another odd thing we noticed was that the guy who yelled at my friend for recording a match, you know what he was caught doing? Yep, you guessed it! He was seen recording a segment of a match with his cell phone.

If those huge things weren’t problems enough to ask for a refund of our ticket, or to never go back to this company again. There has been more.

Now one of my friends, outside of the one that got yelled at for recording, did the same thing. He recorded the same match, as there was a segment of it that we had previously been informed would happen. This friend was PJ, and he has the full story over at his blog A ‘lil Hoohaa.

Okay, so you read that right?

It doesn’t end there.

Another one of our friends from the land of 2CW front row got involved. He didn’t travel to this show, saw the blog, and retweeted it.

And then this happened….


What did he tweet you ask?

With all that – starting the show before fans got inside, yelling at various fans for cheering and recording and all the in-ring errors are forgivable. Hey, because make mistakes. No big deal.

But the personal attacks. Now that crosses the line.

Attacking someone on Facebook, so that his Facebook page is shut down, because of what a 90 second clip. A clip that could easily help promote that company. 90 seconds… Imagine that kind of advertising, granted this isn’t the Super Bowl, but imagine if it was. For a 90 second clip during the Super Bowl it would have costed $13.5 million dollars.

Guess this company doesn’t like free money.

But then again they don’t like money at all, because they have lost me, the various friends I know and well, hopefully you reading this.

Please don’t attend a show run by this company. If you know someone who wants to become a pro wrestler, tell them do not train through them. If you know a wrestler, if you would love to see them come to the Albany region, please ask them to try one of the other companies.

Because these guys are just a bunch of crooks. And with me writing all of this, they’ll probably try to attack me too.