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Today is March 16th. In the world of wrestling it’s AUSTIN 3:16 day.

But to everyone else it’s St. Patrick’s Day Eve.

To me?

Well, it’s both!

For those who don’t know Austin 3:16 was one of the many catchphrases used be Steve Austin, the professional wrestler that most of you know for his work on a CMT show.

He first said this during the 1996 King Of The Ring pay-per-view which was a annual pay-per-view held by the then WWF (now WWE) company. It was a tournament to claim, what else, the King of The Ring!

Austin had just beaten Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who had recently returned to wrestling after getting sober and finding God.

So Austin, like a good heel, mocked everything Jake stood for.

But for me, what it means, Austin 3:16 that is, is a wrestler’s break out moment. This was the moment Steve Austin went from a good wrestler to a superstar.

At the time, I had just gotten really big into wrestling, and I was watching it weekly, collecting wrestling tapes, trading and doing whatever I could to get involved. And I had watched older tapers of Austin when he had blonde hair and was in WCW and then his ECW days.

He then appeared on WWF and started becoming used a little bit more than his WCW days.

And then boom this happened.

This was part of WWF’s initial fight to stop the nWo monster that was forming over at WCW.

It worked, a little bit.

Austin would go on to become a huge success and build his career around that one promo. The guy did know how to cut a promo like nobody else, and still to this day does a great job with his podcast and television shows.

This was scripted and also a little bit of his natural talent, unlike that of Roman Reigns who the WWE has been trying to push down our throats. While he may become the character we all love to see, he doesn’t have that charisma Austin has.

But then again maybe he does.

Is there any professional wrestler out there that you think would be the next Steve Austin?