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Every year I try to play the NCAA March Madness tournament. Every year, I usually lose. Except for one year, when we all won.

That year was 2003, it was the year the Syracuse Orange went all the way and became the winners.

It was a glorious year. Carmelo Anthony, Gerry McNamara and Hakim Warrick all lead the charge as Syracuse just couldn’t be stopped.

And then the final game of the tournament, everyone was on edge and waiting to see what would happen. Would Syracuse be able to actually win it all!?


They won it all!

It was a great year, a great day and I even got a microwave for my bedroom that year.

Well, this year it’s that time again for the March Madness. This time Syracuse is seeded 10th in the Midwest division and they play Dayton in the first round game.

This year there is an added on stipulation. As proposed to that legendary wrestling federation based out of Syracuse called 2CW. Who if you remember correctly ran their last show on December 20th.

They tweeted this…

Obviously it’s time to pick Syracuse to win it all!

So without further ado here is my completed bracket!