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The above picture is of a restaurant located on Central Avenue in Colonie, it used to be known as The Butcher Block and then later it was known as Central Steak.

As you can see it’s no longer standing, it’s not because of a fire, or anything of shock. It’s because of well, failure.

In 2010, the restaurant that was once known as Butcher Block went through a name change and a huge renovation costing around $500,000. Not only changing the name and the look of the restaurant, but also the menu which they completely revamped.

Yet, with all these changes the restaurant wouldn’t last.

Within the two years following the relaunch the restaurant would be closed. And has remained closed since.

The Butcher Block, the original incarnation of this restaurant lasted for nearly 30 years. But with the drastic changes to the menu, as well as the removal of the salad bar, which was a feature loved. The restaurant goers didn’t return.

For me, as well as my family, this was a beloved restaurant, a place where we’d go to numerous times and enjoying. The salad bar, the steaks as well the deserts. They were all the best. Along with the waiters and waitresses that were some of the nicest people

As a family we would go here a lot.

Sadly though, this was the place where we would last celebrate my mother’s birthday. A restaurant she loved.

I remember her even asking one of the waiters about the cookie ice cream desert they had.

Oh the memories.

I’m not positive of what’s being put in its place, but I’ve heard rumors of a Cumberland Farms.

While that may not sound like the greatest thing to you, it will be better than a dormant restaurant that has sat vacant for nearly four years.

Did you ever eat at the Butcher Block?