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Professional wrestling comes in all shapes and forms. From the big guys, to the little guys, to the guys in between that. And then there’s something else, it’s where all those guys come from.

At one point or another you need to start, you can just jump in between those 12 turnbuckles and start. You need training, you need to know how to perform those moves and how to protect yourself and those you wrestle from getting hurt. That last part is the most important part.

While it may look like pure violence is occurring, it’s usually done to look that way. There’s these places called wrestling schools, where you go and learn how to wrestle, how to train, how to work a crowd and a microphone. Most of these wrestling schools are good, some are well, you know the opposite of good.

But we’re not getting into which one’s are good or bad. We’re going to talk about one that has done good and is showcasing their talent so fans, promoters and yes, even marks and those evil smarks can enjoy.

Back in November, the Institute Of Professional Wrestling, a wrestling school based out of Syracuse held a showcase. A showcase of their students as well as various other students around the state of New York and other areas. They held a live free wrestling show to help their students experience wrestling in front of a live crowd.

This Sunday they will be doing it all over again, and it’s something as a wrestling fan I quite enjoy and previously enjoyed their first show. I highly suggest attending, or at least trying to support this school and the wrestlers that will be preforming for them.

Wrestlers already attached to appear are Jay Freddie, Cloudy, Coleman Jackson, Krist Worthless and many more.

Their first show, back in November, is one I attended. And this is where I brag about how big a wrestling fan I am. It’s a show that was held on a Saturday during the day, and after working the overnight shift on Friday I went. Big deal right? Well, I had to again work that Saturday night. So with getting little to no sleep, driving two and a half hours to the show and two and a half hours back I attended and enjoyed.

Yes, big deal, why are you bragging right? These guys go out of their way every day and bust their behinds to become a pro wrestler. Well, the fans go out of their way too. And that’s one thing a lot of these wrestlers forget.

While they themselves go a long way, leaving their family behind, working hard in the gym and in the ring. The fans, they do something that’s tough too. They drive hours, spend days away from their family, promote your work, try to help you succeed. But usually they get disrespected. Take a time to respect the fans, after all the only way to become rich and famous in this business is by those evil fans.