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What do you do when a childhood friend becomes someone? You sit back and watch him become a legend.

Growing up in the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk school district everyone knew everyone. It was one of those small town areas in Upstate New York where if you didn’t know someone you knew they’re brother, or sister or cousin.

For me, it was his brother I knew, we were in the same class. Growing up from Elementary school to Middle school to High School. Playing together in Little League and football. We hung out on weekends, we threw parties, we talked about girls, we did normal every day teenage things.

Graduation day would come and we were happier than ever that we wouldn’t have to go back. But little did we imagine that one of our younger siblings would go back and find his dream job.

In 2013, my friend’s younger brother did just that. He took over the varsity head coach position for the wrestling squad.

Since taking over I’ve watched him from a far, lead a team of boys to become premier wrestlers as well as young men.

When he took over as the head coach he said “It feels like I’m on top of the world” and in the years since taking over he’s put the RCS Varsity wrestling team on top.

And if you know Justin Schipano you know one thing he’s determined to do good.

That’s why I wasn’t shocked to learn that yesterday he started a GoFundMe account to try and do some more good.

For those of you within the area of which we all grew up you may have heard of or even visited a place called Lawson Lake. For the past few years it has laid dormant, but previous to that it used to be a summer camp. Justin, is trying to bring back that summer camp, and help children experience outdoor education.

Justin Schipano, he has a track record for good, and just needs a little help. Just like when you did when you were growing up, someone reached out to help you, it’s your turn to reach out and help another youngster.

Please donate to Lawson Lake Camp opportunity !


Image from AndyArthur.org