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Dear Mom,

Today is the day before Easter. It’s the year 2016 now, you’ve been gone for a while now, this is the seventh Easter you’re missing. I remember the little things all the time. Those are the things I miss the most. Well, that and being able to spend time with you.

So what’s new in my life? Well, I’m living in Colonie now. In a 2 bed room apartment, and well, it’s nice it has wooden floors and it’s upstairs. I still work at Price Chopper, I’m the night manager now.

A couple years ago I traded in the Ford Escape for a brand new Kia Sportage, yes, just like the car Derek had. Yep, he got a new car too, some kind of Subaru. I think you’d be happy to hear in November he’ll be getting married. Her name is Gilli, and yes, she’s a nice girl. They have a dog named Yogi, he’s a nice guy. But he has this odd fascination with carrots.

A couple years ago, I got back into going to wrestling shows. I’ve been to a lot over the past two years and have made lots of friends and have plenty of interesting stories to tell you about that.

Dad has been doing good. He’s got a nice house now and has been going to church a lot. Yep, still plays with his trains. And he’s met a nice lady named Jackie. She keeps him in line a lot.

Ma has been strong too. She’s got a computer now and has a lot of fun on Facebook.  She went from just liking comments and now, she actually comments!

Nonnie and Amy are good too. They have two young kittens and a huge garden, well, I’m not sure if the word huge is justified. Nonnie has grown out this crazy beard. It makes him look like a crazy author.

Oh and I ran into Ms. Mitchell the other day, yeah, well, I guess I didn’t run into her, I saw her. But she goes to dad’s church too. She was telling me how much she misses talking with you.

It’s funny I haven’t told anyone about the story of you on that one day before Easter. When you drove all the way back to Albany to get Derek and my Easter baskets. It’s a story I usually tell but yeah. It’s a good story. It means so much to me now.

There’s so much I would like to tell you right now, but for some reason my mind is going blank. I’ll write again, but I wish I could talk to you.

I hope you’re having fun where you are now and know there’s a lot of people down here that miss you.

Love Sean