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Saturday night I was invited to attend the Easter Vigil at the local catholic church. Yes, invited, because my dad’s lady friend Jackie had made the choice to become a Catholic. While she was previously baptized she never took her first communion, and Saturday night would be her very first communion.

I myself am in the same boat as Jackie, as I was baptized but never took my first communion.

And over the past couple of years my father has made the decision to go back to church. As he grew up Catholic, got baptized, took his first communion and even spent some of his school days at a Catholic school.

I have joined him numerous times to see what going to church feels like. As I had previously done it at other denominations when I was younger and with my grandparents, Ma and Da, as they went to numerous churches because they had a band or so. Which in itself was pretty funny.

So going to church is not for everyone, I know this, I understand this. I’m not too sure if it’s for me. There’s parts of it I rather enjoy, there’s parts I don’t.

It’s like attending a sporting event, or in my case a wrestling show. It takes about an hour, there’s a opening ceremony, and then there’s the big ending ceremony a.k.a. taking communion. In between there’s songs, readings and the Priest does a mean shoot.

It’s fun. It’s sad. It’s interesting. It’s pretty by the book too, nothing outlandish happens. There isn’t crazy run-ins like in wrestling.

I’ve attended a bunch of weeks, and sometimes I miss a few weeks. But this past Saturday was my first Easter Vigil. Or at least that I can remember.

The joker in me with the wrestling background wants to call it the Easter Virgil. Virgil was a wrestling in the mid-90s who since hasn’t gotten too much respect. But I can imagine him using that name and trying to make money off of it.


Okay, so no, Virgil wasn’t actually there. And probably won’t even run the Easter Virgil gimmick. But if he does I better get credit!

But this is a Easter Vigil which is a service held in traditional Christian churches as the first official celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus.

We got to the church a little before 8pm. As originally I thought my dad was telling me 8am, but sadly, nope it’s a even service. Wait.. 8pm at a church!? What in the world?

We walk in and the lights are off inside the church. But everyone seemed okay with it. My brother and his fiancee were greatly confused as why the lights were off. I, I guess i just accepted it.

Not knowing what’s going on, we end up finding out that we’re supposed to go outside with a candle and get it lit.

A service, similar to this photo was happening outside.


We quietly walk back into the church, as we’re informed it’s similar to those who visited Jesus tomb days after his death.

We get candles lit and find our seats.

A few readings from the bible.

And the lights are still off.

The lights remain off for most of the service and then it’s time to baptize a woman that’s becoming Catholic and then it’ll be time to Catholic-ize Jackie.

Over all, it was a interesting service, a little long to my liking, but also quite enlightening.

Jackie became a Catholic and took her first communion. As her family, her niece for instance took photos of her. Which may have been shunned against, it was accepted for this time. I guess.

While some people feel churches are cult like, I guess they could be, but I don’t feel that this one is. Yeah, there are some things they do that are odd, like the phrase “Let us pray.” Which is sad numerous times.

But other than that, it’s no big deal.

So the question is… will I finally take my first communion? I don’t know. Still thinking on that one.