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In a way to connect better with this Photo Blog Challenge presented by A ‘lil Hoohaa that I have joined and it being nearing 3 years in action, I will retroactively join it. So with the power of Google Photos a.k.a. my cloud I will go through my past pictures and play along with the past themes. It might be cheating a little bit, but hey, this is Hachland and not whatever your name is land!

Are you ready for the challenge!? Well, I am and we will go all the way back to June 2015 in which the theme was Anything Goes!

1. Garage Sale


In June my dad’s neighborhood had a garage sale so we joined in on the fun. I brought a box of my DVDs and everything was put out for sale. Sadly, not many people came out. The only people that came out were those who lived in the neighborhood.

2. Golfing


Hit up my favorite little golf course with my friend Stalker. And well, I shot pretty crappy but he did well. I blame lack of sleep and well, not being Tiger Woods on it. I did have a few good holes and some good shots, but at least I shot under a 100. Not bad for a par 3 course right?

3. Into The Mystic


We joined my father and Jackie in a weekend adventure in Mystic, Connecticut. We visited a few of the fine local establishments such as the Mystic Seaport, Mystic Pizza and even ate at the Steak Loft. It was a pretty enjoyable little weekend and there was even a music festival going on at the time. My dad and I got trapped in the beer tent for a little while.

Pictured above is the Charles W. Morgan whaling ship, it is a original that has since been refurbished.

4. Morning Sky


Unlike one of the previous photos, this one hasn’t been filtered. But yet, it’s so well, gorgeous. Outside of the location, which is my work, good old Price Chopper. After taking a break I stepped outside to look at this beautiful sky. And wow, what a sight.

1. Beyond London


I made my triumph return to Beyond Wrestling as I went back to Rhode Island and witnessed Paul London for the second time in my wrestling life. The first being that ever so famous night where we chanted “Please Don’t Die” as he battled Michael Shane in a ladder match at ROH Unscripted. But this time he wrestled some guy named AR Fox! It was a great night and I even got to see some of my 2CW friends.