A few weeks ago I wrote a lengthy blog post about a wrestling show I attended (How In Your Face Wrestling Lost) that since then it has garnered a lot of attention and, well, I’ve felt the backlash of expressing my feelings. I have found most of it to be humorous and honestly quite sad.

If you have followed this blog and know me, you know I’ve gone out of my way to watch wrestling, whether it be in person or on television. I’ve driven to Virginia for wrestling, I’ve walked 5 miles for wrestling, and I have rode my bike 10 plus miles to gather black VHS tapes for wrestling.

Well, to catch those up on what has happened since I posted that blog, I’ve had a person comment on it and not only curse but he also told me to go have inappropriate relations with my mother. For those reading and familiar with me, you know that my mother passed away in 2009. For someone to feel that outraged and disrespected by an honest review,

Secondly, the Facebook page called Independent Wrestling Network. After learning about the numerous incidents that occurred at the show and after the show, IWN posted the following:

We are disappointed to hear about so many bad times occurring at a show we promoted. We here only want to showcase the good of wrestling and not the bad. We also would like to thank those companies who allow fans to enjoy themselves and those who allow fans to record clips of matches. We have done so and shared them with you all in a effort to promote the promotions and the wrestlers involved. Again we apologize if we lead you down the wrong road.

That comment has been interpreted as him calling for a boycott of the said wrestling company and attempting to take money out of the pockets of wrestlers. As I see it, he was just siding with those who had a bad time at a wrestling show. A wrestling company who went out of their way to attack a person’s personal Facebook page.

Speaking of that person, he, the Independent Wrestling Network and I are three differently things/people. We’re not the same person. So please, if you’re going to post on Facebook and comment on blogs, personally message that person and get your facts straight.

You can visit PJ’s blog and his story about the incidents by checking out his website at A ‘lil Hoohaaa.

If you think a few fans reviewing your show who had a bad time are going to ruin your livelihood then maybe you should stop and think that maybe you did do something wrong. Instead of attacking those people, message them, or at least take what they said into consideration and try to work on bettering yourself and your product.

Here is where I could say that your company that only averages six shows per year: if you’re hoping that will make you a rich person, then well, I have a news flash for you. But I won’t say that. I’ll take the high road here.

With all this I have been referred to as a Smarking Lot Booker. For those non-wrestling fans, a mark is supposedly a derogatory phrase to wrestling fans. Originally it was marks, or someone who enjoys the show and buys in to it. Then a smark came along as someone who knows the in’s and out’s of the business — isn’t a wrestler but still enjoys the product. The term booker is similar to a promoter (it’s a person who books the shows). Then the whole Smarking Lot part…that’s an obvious rip on the fact that I have participated in tailgating at a 2CW wrestling shows. Hence, instead of the phrase “parking lot” being used they used “smarking.”

Bash the fans. Again. Smart idea.

I have also been referred to as a mark. But then again, I won’t go into that because that’s a private Facebook page. I don’t want to attack someone’s private Facebook page and ruin something that was meant to be shared with their friends.

Then again I, my friend, and the other friend of mine who had his Facebook video reported have all been threatened and cursed at. Shows you the real class people have right?

And I thought it was all over.

But there’s more.

Today one of the performers I mentioned made a Facebook post about me. I’m not going to go on a personal attack of him, but more or less thank him. Thank you for being a friend on Facebook. Secondly, thanks for my new nickname. I’ll take the new nickname of Mr. Indy Show Vet.

I will like to clarify that my friend PJ was the person attending his second show by your company. Please note we both have blogs, yes, and you can make your comments about that. As for me, I have attended your company’s shows for the past 4 years.

About the entire power bomb situation: it was my personal opinion. While I understand that she is a trained wrestler, she is still a petite female regardless of her actual age, and you are a bigger man. A year ago a Rhode Island based wrestling company did something very similar, however they dealt with it head on.

Chris Dickinson power bombed Kimber Lee. It blew up on social media. They are both trained wrestlers — they have been around the wrestling world for a while now. Yet, everyone on social media had an opinion which led the company and Kimber Lee to release a video.

Moving on, I would like to mention that I’m sorry that my opinions (as well as my friend’s) have be interpreted the wrong way. We both found faults in how the company ran the show but they were just personal opinions.

I understand how people can get outraged and upset over someone’s opinions. It’s human nature to be upset when someone finds faults in things you’ve done. But one thing I want to clarify and make everyone well aware of is that nobody said to boycott your shows. The word boycott was never used.

You can continue coming up with names for me, try to drag my name through the mud, but please get the things I wrote and said correct. Despite attending your shows for four years, your (as well as others) actions and words have led me to the conclusion that I will no longer attend your shows. That’s not me demanding a boycott.

As for what was posted on the Facebook page, I believe they apologized for promoting a show (for free) that caused

So once again, you can continue your insults on me. This is not a work. I’m not a wrestler. I’m a wrestling fan.