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Every month PJ sets up a theme for a photo challenge, in which you showcase 5 pictures in that theme. To read more about these theme’s check out PJ’s Photo Blog Challenge. This month is his 3 year anniversary of that challenge! While I just started doing this challenge this year I sure like anniversary parties!

This months theme is Three

1. The Old K-Mart


There used to be a K-Mart here. It’s close to where I live. But a few years ago they tore it down. A car dealership was supposed to go here, but it just sits a empty vacant parking lot. A year or so before they tore it down, I had a car accident here. I was traveling through one of the side roads of this plaza area and a guy was cutting past through Burger King and slammed into the side of me. They tore that Burger King down too. And I have a new car now. I guess the only thing that remains is the memories.

2. Hot Dog’s At Mike’sΒ 


While living my entire life near Schenectady, I have never been to Mike’s Hot Dogs on Erie Blvd. So I decided to make the stop and I had three hot dogs as you can see. They were good, not quite Texas Hots from Wellsville. But they were good. I suggest you to stop in and try them.


3. The Death Of Butcher Block


Recently a restaurant located near me was torn down, I wrote about it The End Of An Era. So yeah, it’s sad.

4. Walking With Dad


The Albany Pine Bush area is around where I live. They have a lot of trails you can walk on and while I have done many of them I haven’t done them all. The other day my dad and I decided to go for a walk and we found Blueberry Hills trail and well, it felt like the first time I walked in three years!

5. What’s Life Without Wrestling


What’s one of my photo blog challenges without a touch of wrestling? This month I went to Syracuse for a Institute of Professional Wrestling Open House and some other wrestling show in Albany. At least the Syracuse one treated me nice and still isn’t trying to run my name through the mud. Plus I got to see my friends from 2CW, while the company may have closed, pending a miracle by the Syracuse Orange. Which you can read more about here by clicking on The 2016 NCAA March Madness Winner Is…

Well, I guess I didn’t capture the number three too well. At least there were three hot dogs picture πŸ™‚

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