For the past two decades wrestling has been one of my biggest hobbies. I’ve attended live shows, I’ve watched wrestling, I have played video games, collected action figures, and even have a collection of wrestling shirts. Wrestling has been always there.

Years ago, some friends and I started a backyard wrestling organization. We wrestled on a trampoline, held events, and made up characters for ourselves. We video taped it all and we came up with names for each show.

It was a fun time. But we all knew it wasn’t the best quality, we knew it wouldn’t lead us to success, and it was just for fun. We never made a dime in the backyard wrestling business. But we had fun!

It’s been well over 15 years since we held one of these events. Over the years we’ve joked about bring the company back, we’ve referenced it and we even compared it to other wrestling companies.

But one thing we never thought much of were the original tapes. I have a few of the tapes, a couple of my other friends have a few. Basically there’s about four or five of us that each have at least one tape or more.

We have joked about putting them on DVD or online. We even talked about running a viewing party at a local pizza shop that is run by one of us who has participated in the wrestling.

But it’s all been just that – talk.

Not knowing where all the tapes have gone or who has them we didn’t think much of them. I personally didn’t think a lot about them. They were just me, us, all of us as teenagers. Just doing something that we watched on television.

Well, then somehow one of those tapes resurfaced. It resurfaced in the weirdest places I could ever imagine. Somehow it showed up at the headquarters for the WWE.

Yes, that WWE!

I first learned about it showing up at their headquarters last night. After receiving a phone call from one of their producers who I was requested to leave nameless. He went on to explain how they found this tape, that they enjoyed what they saw and that they want me, yes, me to travel down to Texas and to attend their big show of the year, the one that all the kids will watch, the one and the only WrestleMania!

My travel expenses will be paid for and later today I will board a plane and fly all the way down to Texas!

I have yet to sign a contract, but I was informed we will have contract negotiations and that I should get my bank account ready for a big pay day.

Okay, maybe that last part isn’t too true, he just did mention the contract negotiations.

This is a really awesome occurrence that has happened to me. And I want to thank the WWE for giving me a chance and to thank all my family, friends and well everyone that has supported me throughout my life.

I’m not sure what capacity I will be partaking in WrestleMania or WWE. I do know that this is going to be one of the craziest weekends of my life!