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It’s the biggest day of the year for wrestling, it’s the day of WWE’s annual WrestleMania event. This year being held from the home of the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas, Texas.

It’s the 32nd annual event and this year I have collaborated with a bunch of great people who have chosen to share their choices for winners and losers.

Joining me this year are

Jason Smith a Stand Up Comedian and a contributor to StuffDudesLike

Matthew Stalker a writer for FanSided, The Jet Press and Yanks Go Yard

Matt Van Wormer an avid wrestling fan from Upstate New York who enjoys attending WWE and Northeast Wrestling shows.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar hailing from the other side of the lake. He doesn’t have one of those low rent names like Billy Bob or Homer.

Rob is a wrestling fan from Upstate New York and a co-host of Hachland Podcast

Brenden supports and promotes all things wrestling, Pro Wrestling historian, lover of soccer, American Outlaw until the day he dies.

Derek who is the creator of Carrot Man and Mr. Celery Stick ads his views.

Plus the good guys and gal over at Ring Rants as they make their predictions!

PJ from A Lil HooHaa.

R-Source a DJ,Promoter, Record Breaker, Musician, Radio Personality and Entertainer!

Tim Jaquay a merch table aficionado who has reasonably priced 8x10s and autographs available at the next Eat & Greet Event coming to a town near you!

And myself.


World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H (Champion) vs Roman Reigns

Jason’s Predictions: Triple H over Roman Reigns just because Reigns winning is too predictable and I hope they’re not going the obvious route. I also think Triple H as WWE Champion, while leading NXT as a separate brand when they split will make the storyline interesting. Maybe we get the Roman Reigns heel turn in the end.

Matthew’s Predictions: Roman Reigns

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: Roman over HHH. Anybody who goes the other way hasn’t been watching the product for the past year. I do believe we can get a Dwanye Johnson involvement in this tho.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar’s Predictions: unexpectedly, HHH. that’s part of a perfect world theory, so Roman wins strong as sh!t.

Rob’s Predictions: This will be a good match, to the disappointment of many. Roman wins, Ambrose comes out to congratulate, and the heel turn happens to end WrestleMania.

Brenden’s Predictions: This story started off with such a basic premise that made sense and yet has somehow gone off the tracks drastically. This story was a basic rehash of the Austin/McMahon feud that saved the company in the late 90’s. Just a hard working guy that constantly gets slighted by the boss. Problem is Roman is not relatable in any way, shape or form to the people they’re trying to reach. If they wanted this to be done correctly he needed to be the silent Samoan killing machine that he was in The Shield. Also after The Shield broke up Roman was the only member to not adjust his appearance in any way at all. As this story progressed we saw the “heel” Triple H get cheered and applauded in every city, essentially flipping the tables of the booking plans. Just for the simple fact that I don’t see Vince McMahon admitting he was wrong another year in a row I have Roman going over, making him a 3 time WWE Heavyweight Champion in what is almost as many months. Winner: Roman Reigns

Derek’s Predictions: Roman Reigns

Ring Rants Predictions: Click For Video

PJ’s Predictions: Roman Reigns, because the swerve of keeping a semi-retired guy with the belt doesn’t make a lot of sense. I do sense a heel turn by Reigns, though.

R-Source’s Predictions: Roman

Tim’s Predictions: Roman

Hach’s Predictions: Roman Reigns because he’s the greatest!


Hell In A Cell
The Undertaker vs Shane McMahon
* If McMahon wins, he will control Monday Night Raw and Taker will not fight at WrestleMania again.

Matthew’s Predictions: Shane McMahon

Jason’s Predictions: Undertaker beats Shane McMahon in the one match I’ve gone back and forth in more than any other. It’ll be a close one. If Shane loses, I see them somehow still changing the company around and Shane perhaps having control of Raw. I see another brand extension coming is why I say that. However, if Undertaker loses, I don’t think it’s his last WrestleMania. I see WWE getting creative and finding ways around both stipulations here. I’m going with Taker. Next year we get the Cena/Taker match that was supposed to take place this year. 

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: The Undertaker over Shane McMahon. Let’s be real if this was going to be Undertakers last Wrestlemania WWE would’ve let us know months in advance.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar’s Predictions: If part 1 of the perfect world theory happens, Undertaker winning is part 2. and if that theory doesn’t happen, still Undertaker

Rob’s Predictions: Shane dies like 5 times in this. Possibly bumps off of the giant screen. New Jack gets jealous. I’m sticking with my prediction of the Balor Club debuting here and being Shane’s boys for the new look of Raw. Shane wins.

Brenden’s Predictions: This started off with a bang and a huge surprise of the return of Shane – O – Mac after a 7 year absence form the company. Thats when things began to get a little weird. That same night the Undertaker and HIAC were announced for Shane and we kept hearing about this mysterious “lockbox” that held some secret of Vince McMahon’s. As the weeks went on we heard from both sides and saw some physicality. At first it wasn’t good at all to see the 2 sides lock up and confidence went down the drain. The go home RAW saw a much better talking and physical segment that punctuated with Shane doing his famous ring to announce table bump on Taker. I think this match gets a lot of bells and whistles and this is where we see the long rumored debut of The Balor Club. I have no idea honestly which way this one plays out. I can make arguments for both paths. So being I HAVE to choose, I think we get the 1-2-3 for Shane after some shenanigans. Winner: Shane McMahon

Derek’s Predictions: Undertaker

PJ’s Predictions: If Shane is sticking around and going to “run Raw,” I think he somehow wins. But it’s not going to be clean. Somebody will either help him, or somebody will come after the Undertaker. I do think there will be some crazy spots by Shane.

R-Source’s Predictions: Shane McMahon

Tim’s Predictions: Shane McMahon

Hach’s Predictions: Undertaker wins. John Cena sides with Shane only to get turned on by Randy Orton.


No Holds Barred Street Fight
Brock Lesner vs Dean Ambrose

Matthew’s Predictions: Brock Lesnar

Jason’s Predictions: Brock Lesnar over Ambrose

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: Dean Ambrose over Brock. WWE is pushing Ambrose for something. I think we get some Wyatt Family interference to take away from job Brock does for Ambrose.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar’s Predictions: Ambrose, Thanks Bray.

Rob’s Predictions:  This will be crazy. The closest to Strong Style we’ll get on WWE proper until Nakamura shows up. Ambrose wins through some sort of brutality.

Brenden’s Predictions: Again this is going to be kept short and sweet. The booking of Lesnar has killed his character and mystique. He has been made to look mortal when he should be considered a monster that couldn’t be conquered. Dean Ambrose is the guy crazy enough that no matter how bad he’s been beaten he keeps getting up. This match should follow that without any detours. Lesnar beats Ambrose all over the AT&T Center but Ambrose keeps getting up time and time again. Expect a ridiculous amount of gimmicks to be used. Winner: Brock Lesnar

Derek’s Predictions: Brock Lesner

Ring Rants Predictions: Click For Video

PJ’s Predictions: I think in the end, Lesnar wins. But Ambrose is going to come out of this match looking like a million bucks and getting massively pushed.

R-Source’s Predictions: Dean Ambrose

Tim’s Predictions: Dean Ambrose

Hach’s Predictions: Brock wins. Because why would you put over Ambrose? Okay, unless Heyman turns on Lesnar again and starts the ECW Version 6 billion


Divas Championship Triple Threat
Charlotte (Champion) vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

Matthew’s Predictions: Becky Lynch

Jason’s Predictions: Sasha Banks wins the Divas title

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: Sasha Banks wins the Divas Championship. Charlotte has reached her potential with the title. Becky would be a great underdog win. It’s Sasha’s time tho.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbars Predictions: Sasha, because David flair can’t be the one who brings back the women’s divison

Rob’s Predictions: This match will own, possible MOTN. I was going to say MOTY, but Nakamura vs. Zayn at Takeover stole that. Becky Lynch wins, and ushers out the butterfly belt on Monday, reminding us that the Women’s division sounds so much better.

Brenden’s Predictions: This match is the only other on the card that I feel can give Styles/Jericho a run for it’s money as show stealer. These are the three best wrestlers on the roster as far as the women are considered. Each of the women has their own role in this match: Charlotte, the mean girl, cocky, arrogant champion, Sasha Banks, the brash, shit talking but heavily talented contender and finally Becky Lynch, the surprise fan favorite that has taken over the fan’s hearts with her fiery orange hair and explosive suplexes. This match if given the time to breathe and grow will be hard to top. I think there aren’t 3 better wrestlers on the roster to usher out the Diva ever and welcome back the Women’s era. With that said logic would have Charlotte retain but I can see them pulling the trigger on Sasha with Becky putting up the fight but coming up short. Winner: Sasha Banks

Derek’s Predictions:  Charlotte

Ring Rants Predictions: Click For Video

PJ’s Predictions: We’ll have a women’s champion before the end of the night – no more Divas division. I’m going with Becky Lynch to usher the new division in.

R-Source’s Predictions: Flair

Tim’s Predictions: Sasha Banks

Hach’s Predictions: Sasha Banks because her uncle is Snoop


Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles

Matthew’s Predictions: AJ Styles

Jason’s Predictions: AJ Styles over Y2Jackass

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: AJ Styles over Jericho. AJ is ready to shine on the biggest stage of them all to end this feud.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar’s Predictions: AJ Styles, cause after you lose to Fandago, you lose forever.

Rob’s Predictions: This should be AJ vs. Kevin Owens. Because I’m a smark and I say so. But I ain’t mad at this match. Their first 3 were great, and this will be solid. AJ wins for the “WrestleMania moment.”

Brenden’s Predictions: These 2 have had a string of solid matches with each other and the chemistry has only gotten better. Both Styles and Jericho were born for the big stage and their careers prove that. The fan in me wants to see AJ get the W in his first Mania appearance. However the logical WWE fan in me thinks that they give Jericho the win and we get a rematch with a gimmick at Extreme Rules to decide the best of 5 series. No matter the outcome I see this as being the match that steals the show. Winner: Chris Jericho

Derek’s Predictions: AJ Styles

Ring Rants Predictions: Click For Video

PJ’s Predictions: AJ Styles with his first Wrestlemania moment with the win.

R-Source’s Predictions: AJ Styles

Tim’s Predictions: AJ Styles

Hach’s Predictions: AJ Styles baby!


Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
Kevin Owens (Champion) vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sami Zayn vs The Miz vs Stardust vs Sin Car vs Zack Ryder

Matthew’s Predictions: Kevin Owens

Jason’s Predictions: Sami Zayn wins the Intercontinental Championship ladder match

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: Kevin Owens retains the IC Title. It’s going to be KO-Mania.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar’s Predictions: Sin Cara screws up and accidentally pulls down the title.(but really Owens)

Rob’s Predictions: Spots, injuries, etc. Zayn wins, feuds with Owens.

Brenden’s Predictions: The IC ladder match is in its second year and appears to be the replacement for the former Money in the Bank ladder match at Mania. We have 7 participants which will see Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Sin Cara, Miz, Stardust, Zack Ryder and finally the IC Champ Kevin Owens. Now this match should’ve been Zayn versus Owens in a singles bout and the way the booking has been up until now it still feels that way within the larger world of the multi-man ladder match. The heart says Zayn wins the belt but he is better served as the chasing underdog. I see Kevin Owens retaining and we get a hot feud of Zayn chasing Owens for the belt. Winner: Kevin Owens

Derek’s Predictions: Sami Zayn

Ring Rants Predictions: Click For Video

PJ’s Predictions: This is tough as I could see a lot of things. It would be nice to see some of these people out of it… but… that being said, I’m thinking Zayn wins and that sets off a long feud with him and Owens over the IC title. (Though it wouldn’t shock me to see Owens win and have Zayn chase throughout the summer).

R-Source’s Predictions: Owens

Tim’s Predictions: Sami Zayn

Hach’s Predictions: The Miz wins because he’s awesome!


United States Championship
Kalisto (Champion) vs Ryback

Matthew’s Predictions: Ryback

Jason’s Predictions: Ryback over Kalisto to become the NEW United States champion

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: Ryback over Kalisto. Kalisto is doing much with the title. Makes sense for a Ryback win. WWE is getting behind and establishing this new version Ryback.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar’s Predictions: Rybreak when he breaks Kalisto’s collar bone

Rob’s Predictions: WWE wants a new Rey Mysterio, but for some reason they also periodically decide they want to push Ryback. I’m not too sure about this one, so I’ll say…Ryback, because if they keep Roman face, he needs a heel to feud with, and Roman vs. Ryback will have Vince sitting in Gorilla with a giant Viagara-induced boner.

Brenden’s Predictions: This is a toss up that I could see going either way. Ever since the departure of Rey Mystery WWE has been trying to find that Hispanic superstar that ignites the passion of the community. Not to mention someone who can appeal to kids and sell a ton of march (kids dig masks). But on the other side of the coin we have Ryback, and we all know that story. He is the textbook definition of what Vince McMahon wants a superstar to look like cosmetically. At the end of the day though Ryback is terrible in the ring and worse on the mic. If I have to choose I think we keep the belt on Kalisto and eventually build to a match against Sin Cara. Winner: Kalisto

Derek’s Predictions: Rybeck

PJ’s Predictions: They’ve done nothing with Kalisto as champion, so I really don’t know (or care) about this match. Ryback has done nothing much, so … I don’t know. I would call a draw here, but we know we’re not getting that. I’ll pick Kalisto just because, I don’t know.

R-Source’s Predictions: Jalisto

Tim’s Predictions: Ryback

Hach’s Predictions: Ryback, because I want to see people chant Feed Me More


League Of Nations vs New Day

Matthew’s Predictions: New Day

Jason’s Predictions: New Day over League of Nations

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: New Day over LON. New Day is rolling into a face run.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar’s Predictions: New Day

Rob’s Predictions: New Day. All day. Don’t be sour.

Brenden’s Predictions: This match isn’t for the belts and The New Day has beaten The League of Nation at every turn and I don’t see this being any different. I really don’t have much to say about this as we’ve seen 0 booking to make The League of Nations seem credible at all. Winner: New Day

Derek’s Predictions: League Of Nations

PJ’s Predictions: I can’t see the New Day losing this one, not with the babyface push. And the sales. And everything else. Plus, Freebird rules. And the Freebirds into the Hall of Fame. New Day wins. New Day wins. New Day wins. Do the chant. It works.

R-Source’s Predictions: NEW DAY ROCKS

Tim’s Predictions: New Day

Hach’s Predictions: New Day wins, when they get a fourth member who will last ALL NIGHT LONG! Yep, Rich Swann joins the group


The Dudley Boyz vs The Usos

Matthew’s Predictions: Usos

Jason’s Predictions: Team 3D over The Usos

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: Dudleys over The Usos. No reason for BOOOOO-so’s to win. There isn’t many good tag team opponents for the New Day.The Dudleys win gives us something.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar’s Predictions: Usos

Rob’s Predictions: The Uso’s bore the hell out of me, and the Dudleyz are legendz. Bubba and Devon need more steam for a good heel run, and the Uso’s need another L to fuel their heel turn and the Samoan stable that has been talked about (and thus, is too good of an idea to actually happen). Dudley Boyz win.

Brenden’s Predictions: This is a tag match that was getting some television time early but in the last few weeks has almost disappeared from anything meaningful. It all started with the Dudley turning on the fans and Usos saying they were no longer a nostalgia act and they would no longer use tables. After weeks of attacks and back and forth we find ourselves at Mania. I see this going the way of The Usos with the veteran team doing the honors for the younger talent. I also expect a table to rear its ugly face at some point. Winner: The Usos

Derek’s Predictions: Dudleys

PJ’s Predictions: Usos win

R-Source’s Predictions: Usos

Tim’s Predictions: Usos

Hach’s Predictions: The Dudleys lose and split up, as we get to see Devastating Devon gimmick debut


Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Jason’s Predictions: Bray Wyatt

Matthew’s Predictions: Braun Strowman

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: Braun Strowman. I think WWE just loves this guy.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar’s Predictions: Surprise final entrant – Shinsuke Nakamura

Rob’s Predictions: Cesaro makes a surprise return to a monster pop and wins the ARMBAR, making fans think he has big things coming, before being put in a horribly booked, 50/50 feud with a random midcarder…let’s say it’ll be Stardust.

Brenden’s Predictions: Gonna keep this one short and sweet, Classic battle royal shit show that will see one of two men winning. We will either get another Big Show win to keep the legacy running or Braun Strowman. Braun had the rocket on is back but it seems to be sputtering as of late and this could be a way to rebound.Winner: Braun Strowman

Derek’s Predictions: Kane

PJ’s Predictions: A few weeks ago, I would have picked Strowman. But, this just seems like the perfect return for Cesaro. And with four spots still “open,” I’m picking the former Claudio Castagnoli for the win.

R-Source’s Predictions: Kane. (I want Goldust)

Tim’s Predictions: Bray Wyatt

Hach’s Predictions: Cesaro. Although JD Love is the betters choice.


The Total Divas vs B.A.D. & Blonde
Natalya, Paige, Brie, Alicia, Eva vs Lana, Naomi, Tamina, Summer, Emma

Matthew’s Predictions: Total Divas

Jason’s Predictions: Team Total Divas over the other five chicks

Matt VanWormer’s Predictions: Team Bad and Blonde over Total Divas. Eva Marie will turn. If you watch NXT no need to explain.

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar’s Predictions: Eva Marie, cause F**K YOU WWE UNIVERSE

Rob’s Predictions:  I don’t care. Flip of the coin. Heads is TD, tails is B&B. And it is….tails! B&B will win. So sayeth the mighty quarter.

Brenden’s Predictions: This is a 10 diva tag match that consists of Nattie, Paige, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox and Eva Marie against Lana, Naomi, Summer Rae, Tamina and Emma. This match has some very talented wrestlers in it that dont get much television time such as Nattie, Paige and Emma, it also has some hot garbage like Summer Rae and Eva Marie. Its been reported in the previous weeks that due to the health of her husband Daniel Bryan that Brie has upped her retirement from late summer to the Monday following WrestleMania. I see the heel team of B.A.D. and Blonde getting the victory on the big show and Brie getting the final victory Monday night over Lana to close the program and her career. Winner: B.A.D. Blonde

Derek’s Predictions: Total Divas

PJ’s Predictions: We all lose. End of the Divas division can’t come fast enough. But the Divas team wins.

R-Source’s Predictions: Idk who is who so total divias

Tim’s Predictions: Bellas team

Hach’s Predictions: The Girls


For some bonus surprises Jason has predicted these things will happen:

  • Hulk Hogan makes his return
  • Goldberg confronts new US champion Ryback in a backstage segment
  • The Rock comes out in a hosting role in the beginning, returns to try to help Roman Reigns in the main event. Roman turns on The Rock after losing.
  • The Mean Street Posse make a run in during the McMahon/Taker match.
  • Vince gets thrown off the Hell in a Cell.