Sleep. Oh the glory of sleep. If I could I’d open a church dedicated to sleep. The Church of Sleep. Simple enough. Every week we’d meet not for a sermon or to take a communion. We’d just meet up to take a nap.

How great would that be? Well, maybe not, maybe just stay home and try and do it yourself.

Although that’s difficult at times. Especially for me.

For those who know and those who don’t, my 9 to 5 job is actually the night shift. Throughout the past 10 years I’ve worked nights, the graveyard shift if you will. From working four 10 hour shifts to now currently working five 8 hour shifts.

Thus meaning I don’t sleep at nights.

It sucks, yes. But I have gotten used to it, in a sense.

The last few months I feel it harder and harder to sleep during the day. And sometimes I don’t have the time to sleep.

But maybe it’s the fact that with my FitBit it actually tracks my sleep or rather the lack of sleep.

The average amount of sleep you need in a week is 56 hours. Since my FitBit started tracking that I had one week of 56 hours of sleep. Usually averaging 43 or 47 hours of sleep.

Yep. No good.

From Saturday night at 9 pm to Monday morning at 10 am, I got one hour and 37 minutes of sleep. Yep, that’s it. And yeah, it’s my own fault. I wanted to do things.

Yet since that time, with now being about 8pm on Tuesday I have gained about 15 hours of sleep. Which is great for me.

I love sleeping. I don’t hate it.

But with my 9 to 5, it’s difficult.