It’s Throw Back Thursday! Or as the kids call it #ThrowBackThursday.

This gem comes from way back in 1999! It’s me, hanging out in the back of my first car. Can you guess which care that is?

Oh, I’ll just tell you! Because it’s such a great vehicle.

So my first ever car was a 1987 GMC Vandura. It was brown and it had a big black PVC pipe attached to the roof.

Yep, a van.

It was an old electricians van. It only had the two front seats and nothing in the back. There were no side windows.

To see it was a creep van, you’d almost be right.

The windshield wiper switch had broken before I got it. So that was fixed up with a light switch.

And the speakers for the radio, yeah, they were messed up too. So I took some old computer speakers and wired them up.

Until someone stole them.

Yeah, don’t worry I got him back. And got them back.

Back to this photo, as you see I’m sitting in the back. My parents had gotten a new couch so I put the old one in the back of my van.

Cool, right?

Don’t worry, I wasn’t done making this thing awesome.

A few times, because I was too cheap and lazy to actually make it real deal. I had taken a 27 inch TV and hooked up Sega Genesis to it and set it up in the back of the van.

Yep, mega cool.

The only reason it was sometimes because I had to be near a power outlet to do it. Yeah, I know I could have fixed it up so I could drive around with it. But you know, that’d require money.

I had some great times with that van. Until she died in the field. Oh.. the pain.