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So it’s happening.

2CW, that wonderful wrestling company based out of Syracuse, New York had said if the Syracuse Orange could win two games, continuing on to the Sweet Sixteen round of the 2016 March Madness that they would return for one more show.

Well, Syracuse actually made it to the Final Four game. And wow. The fans got excited, I got excited. Everyone got excited.

Fans of 2CW who never watched a game of basketball in their lives started watching and cheering the Orange on. And maybe that helped drive them into the Final Four.

Jack Trades, the man who has done just about everything for 2CW, even got interviewed by the local news.

It was insane. There were fan pages for and against the reunion show. Wrestlers were coming out and saying they’re ready to do one more show.

And then it hit me…

Where’s one of the 2CW World Champions? Where’s Brodie Lee?

Rumors about his disappearance have been very rampant. Some people said he just disappeared, aliens took him or something.

Other people thought they saw him in one of those survival shows where you live off the land for 30 days.

Also other reports said he was in Moscow learning how to make the best vodka possible.

But yet, no one has seen nor heard from him in a few years.

How could one of the greatest 2CW Champs just up in disappear?