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Friday night was another night spent attending a wrestling show. This time it was in Livingston Manor, New York for the wrestling company known as Northeast Wrestling as they presented Spring Slam a benefit for the Livingston Manor High School class of 2019.

This show was about a good 2 hours away from Albany, so it would be one of those wonderful drives that I love doing. There was another show on the radar that was just a few minutes further, but I found out a couple friends were going to this one, so I said I’m in.

So let me first explain where Livingston Manor is….

Okay, I can’t. It’s pretty far off the map. After meeting up with some friends in Delhi, yeah, where is that? We took more back roads, past farms, abandoned houses and a few billion trees until eventually coming to Livingston Manor.

We even passed not one, but three covered bridges. Who even still has those?

The high school, is a old school architectural beauty. Complete with a clock tower.


Wish suddenly makes me wish this show was to save that clock tower.

But instead just to raise some money for the class of 2019. Yep… 18 years after my graduation.

The show was headlined by Matt Hardy, Robbie E, Brian Anthony, Cam Zagami, Vinny¬†Marseglia and many more. And now is the point where I have to explain that if I didn’t mention you it’s not because I’m trying to take money out of your pocket or ruin you, but because I’m trying to make a short recap of the nights events.

Which brings me to the entity of the show, a show that was filled with locals, people who were there to support their school and a future graduation class. A group of people who have seen wrestling, but not to the aspect of me or my friends have.

Meaning that they’re not smarks, and that they’re just in it for a good time. Surprisingly enough the company putting on the show knew this too. Outside of one small story line to build up one match, there wasn’t much talking on the microphone, or run-ins, face or heel turns. It was just a wrestling show. A wrestling show where the good guys won and the bad guys lost. A wrestling show that saw a Principle and a teacher featured in a six man tag match.

Yep. You read that right, untrained people were involved in a wrestling match. They didn’t spend months, years and decades learning how to wrestle. They didn’t have proper gear, but you know what, those sitting in the crowd didn’t mind it. They were there to support the aspect of a wrestling show, not the backstage wrestling that they don’t understand.

Something people involved in wrestling seem to lose track of. There’s numerous wrestling experts that have been involved in wrestling for decades that say if you want to become famous you have to listen to other experts that never made it. But most of them tend to forget to mention that if you make a fan happy, that’s good enough.

And that’s what happened. They made the fans happy.

Livingston Manor, the place of this event, is in the middle of nowhere. They don’t have many live sporting events outside of school events. They don’t have very good cellphone reception, they don’t care about the big city pleasures. They like to spend their days enjoying the company of others. Enjoying time spent, not why didn’t that one guy get the win compared to another.

Northeast Wrestling knew this, they didn’t push their storylines, they didn’t try and show how smart they seem by over writing a show. They went out there, and said the good guys will win, the fans will be happy and that’s that.

Plain and simple. Make the fans happy.

Photo credit of the Livingston Manor High School