The side effect to being a wrestling fan is driving home. It’s a side effect to any and everyone who likes to drive a few hours to attend something. It’s a pain, and well, you know it’s no fun.

The road is long, it’s boring and there’s not much to do while you’re driving.

You can listen to music, talk radio, think about things. That’s about it.

Well, you can stop every now and then and go sight seeing. It won’t get you home any quicker though.

Plus at night, driving sucks. You don’t know who else is on the road with you. Animals, drunks, whomever. Plus it’s driving at night, which is no fun. Because your usually tired, even me, a guy who works the night shift, I’m usually driving home and very tired.

This past trip home, which actually wasn’t too far a drive about a hour and a half or so. It wasn’t the worse, well, after getting back to the main highway from the crazy off roads I had to take. Which were even more great considering I didn’t have any cellphone reception, so I couldn’t get GPS working.

Oh, yeah, back roads in the middle of nowhere. Those are the best.

But once I finally got back to the main highway, this being the old classic interstate 88. Like the usual drives home from wrestling shows on this road, it’s usually dark, late at night and well, snowing.

I started to wonder if the pro’s of attending a wrestling show is worth it compared to this long ride home. It’s very depressing sitting in car, this time by myself, and stuck with nothing but your thoughts.

Is it worth it?