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A friend of mine from the old country shared a post on Facebook. It was from the Wolfe Builders, a company in charge of building and rebuilding things. And well, that building looked quite familiar.

For those not quite familiar with that building, that’s Pixie’s Pub, or to some the Feura Bush Tavern.

To those who know, knew or well, will forever know it was the local pub, the local watering hole. It was were we first got a drink, it was the best pizza in town. It was hell, it was the place we’d all go and meet up to find out what we’re doing for the rest of the night.

Pixie’s Pub, they had the best pizza. It was a little different, but oh so good. It was one of the milestones of living so far out of the area from anything else.

Back when I lived in Ravena, out in the middle of nowhere, this place was the only bar and pizza place close to home. And to think that it was 4.3 miles away, with a moderate 7 minute drive. That was on a good day, a bad day would be when Farmer John or even Farmer Frank or those other three farmers wouldn’t be driving down the road with their tractor.

To this day, it’s a place where I judge all the pizza I eat today against. It was a little sweat, but oh so good.

The stories from this place, wow, I can tell you stories that you wouldn’t believe. I will just tell you this was one of those great places.

I remember hanging with my family, my friends, and people I never knew but would soon become great friends with here.

You could drive you car, get dropped off or even ride up on your four wheeler to. Or well, your snowmoble if that was the season. But then again, you can’t forget the short walk to the train tracks.

Oh, the memories.

It was reported through Paul’s Pizza & Pub in Coxsackie that they were buying it and the plan was to tear it down and rebuild. Kind of hurt a little. But it’s probably for the best. Considering, over the years the place has seen it’s up’s and down’s and well, outside of a small repair to the bathrooms, the place needed a lot of work.

So while someone else is running the place, I just hope that the keep the same formula to the pizza. Or at least give us, the good paying people, the option for that style pizza.

Sadly, since moving a half an hour away it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get back to have a slice. And I guess, it’ll be even longer.