The title of this post might be off setting for some people, but there’s a bunch of truth in it. For one day I lived in a cardboard box. To put the icing on that, I was required to do so by one of my classes in High School. As you see I wasn’t alone.

In my senior year of High School, I took a class called Principles of Engineering. It was an elective and if I can remember it was a college credit, not sure though.

The class was well small, it involved me as well as the guys pictured above. So yeah, three guys. When one of us happened to be absent from the class, the class was well, it was kind of ruined. And we couldn’t learn anything new, and it actually effected things.

But then again, it made the class even more fun.

The main project of the class was to build a air-tight shelter and stay in it for a day. It was supposed to withstand 30 mph winds, hold at least two feet of snow, be roomy for all of us to be able to lay down in and most importantly to keep us warm.


Being it was 15 years ago, I don’t remember too much about it. But from what I do remember, we set up our little cardboard house in the middle of the football field and had a day. We got out of all that day’s classes and we partied like we were homeless.

We got a featured article in the school’s monthly newsletter sent home to the entire community. And of course a fantastic memory of living in a box.

Here is pictures of the article..

20160414_102708 20160414_102718