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During my working days I can easily get to the 10,000 step count for the FitBit, but during the non-working days it’s a little challenging. So I have started walking around Wal-Mart, maybe throw in a Target, or visiting the mall.

The other day I did one of these things and got a couple of selfies with a coffee mug, that well, you can read. And well, instead of paying the high price of three dollars I decided I’ll just pose with it.

I do this a lot. Not just pose with coffee mugs, but I pose with random things. Maybe one day I’ll post about all the pictures I’ve taken with me wearing hats, or shirts or whatever. I feel most of the things I come across like this aren’t worth the price, but a funny picture with me, now that’s worth it.

Although I really would wish I could be golfing instead of posing in the clearance aisle.