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Sunday, we started with a plan. Wake up and go. The plan was to travel down to the Walkway Over The Hudson in Poughkeepsie and see the Hudson River from a different view.

We did it, we drove down via the New York State Thruway and crossed the Mid-Hudson Bridge and started our walk over the bridge. The bridge which used to be a train accessible bridge had been converted to a  walking, biking and a bridge for the people.

In 1888, the bridge was built and finished was considered a technological wonder. During the next nearly 100 years, it was used for it’s original purpose – a train bridge. However in the 70s, a fire broke out on the bridge and it burned. The bridge was ruined and laid unused for the next 20 years. Until it was bought out by the people who would become the Walkway Over The Hudson. In 2009, the project to turn it into a rail trail was complete.

And then about seven years later I walked over it.


It’s quite intense. It’s not just some random bridge above the Hudson River, it’s a real deal bridge. It’s big and it’s quite the walk.

With it being a Sunday, the first nice Sunday of the year weather wise, it was busy. Not nearly as busy as those stories about everyone in the world coming out to the grand opening of the Brooklyn Bridge. But it was busy nonetheless. The parking lot associated with, on the Poughkeepsie side was packed and well, for those who haven’t been it’s not paved. It’s quite bumpy.

But if you can, take the visit to the bridge and enjoy it. It’s quite remarkable and has quite the view.