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While driving around Sunday, an unexpected thing happened. A police line, balloons and lot’s and lot’s of Donald Trump supporters.

Yep, I drove right into one of the many Donald Trump rallies going on around the state of New York. I had thought one of these was happening in the area, but obviously didn’t really think too clearly about it. I thought it was in Kingston, but we were in Poughkeepsie. So close enough.

Seeing the amount of local and New York state police was kind of scary. I felt like I had to run away as fast as I could. Even if I didn’t have anything to hide. Just you know, there’s way too many of them for anyone like me to deal with. And I don’t even know what someone like me is.

We didn’t want to stop too long, although the police and the anti-Trump people marching around kind of caused us to stay a little longer than I wanted to.

Although, for a second, I thought of staying just a bit longer.

But it wasn’t in the unplanned plans.

Plus I didn’t want to ruin the memories I’ve had from the Mid-Hudson Civic Center I’ve gained over the years. Granted they’re all wrestling one’s and Trump is an actually WWE Hall of Famer, so maybe I should have.

Although that sign at the church really threw me off “Jesus Trumps All”

I didn’t know that’s with the J in his middle name stands for.