Every year my dad treats me to a birthday dinner. It’s usually the day of, the weekend after or before but this year it happened the day before.

This year I decided to hit up the Barnsider restaurant in Albany right off Wolf Road. I got this combonation of a 10 ounce Prime Rib and a Lobster Tail.

MMM… it was in-deeded just that.

Other years I have chosen different places from simple places like Outback or even the now closed Butcher Block.

But one year I went to an odd place.

That being Taco Bell.

Yep, anywhere in the world and I choose Taco Bell.

I was either 18 or 19 and Taco Bell wasn’t at all close to where I lived. And it’s actually the first time my father ever went to Taco Bell.

Wow, that’s just weird right?

Where’s your favorite place to eat birthday dinner?