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According to this above picture of major sites of the American Revolution in New York State there are 17 locations of interest. Throughout my life I’ve visited a few of these and yet still have so many more to visit.

The 17 locations of interest are Stony Point Battlefield, Fort Montgomery, New Windsor Cantonment, Knox’s Headquarters, Washington’s Headquarters, Senate House, Clermont, Schuyler Mansion, Bennington Battlefield, Crown Point, Johnson Hall, Herkimer Home, Oriskany Battlefield, Steuben Memorial, Fort Ontario, Newtown Battlefield State Park and Old Fort Niagara.

I have visited many of these locations and look to complete the entire list pretty soon. And while looking at the map I have came very close and live very close to visiting most of these locations.

Last year during the Final Journey, I came across the Newtown Battlefield and wrote about it in On The Final Journey A Battle Breaks Out In Newtown. I wasn’t particularly planning on visiting this location, but it was fun. And a obvious learning experience I wasn’t expecting.

Some of these other locations listed I have either visited in the past and/or have driven by them not knowing that they were of any real significance. For instance, the Herkimer Home, why would a random house in Herkimer be so famous? Now, I have a little more interest in visiting it. Although at the one time I was in the parking lot, I saw that it was closed. A side effect of me visiting places as of late.

It’s nice learning about the significance the American Revolution had in this state when you hear so many stories of the Revolution happening in other states. Plus outside of these promoted 17 locations there are so many other places of interest throughout the state.

Are you one to visit historic war places such as these? Or do you tend to stay away?