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During the American Revolution, George Washington, the man who would become the first President of the United States, had one of his headquarters based in Newburgh, New York.

The then General of the revolutionists held a base just off of the Hudson River atop a high hill to help fight off the British supporters. A location in which I have driven by numerous times and even ate lunch once a few hundred feet away without ever knowing.

Maybe that’s what the British had done too.

This location only lasted about a year from 1782 to 1783, but has since turned into a historic location that has collected well over thousands of artifacts from the American Revolution and the history of America as well. From guns to paintings to clothing to every day items used.


The grounds themselves have various buildings and monuments honoring Washington and other symbols from the American Revolution such as this dude.


Who as you can see has become quite a game for kids to enjoy. As now you are allowed to take hula hoops and try and throw them over him. If you actually get one to ring around him, he’ll shoot his gun off. It’s quite the sight when that happens. The truth is that it was erected on the grounds in November 1924 and designed by Henry Hudson Kitson he called it “The Minuteman.”


There’s also these two buildings, the one to the left is what the original building looked like during the time in which Washington’s Headquarters were actually here. The one to the right is where they hold a lot of artifacts at, as well of information about tours.

And yes, you can take a play a game of corn hole to see if you can get a free tour.


Obviously winning that game we were off to travel the grounds by ourselves.

As you can see there’s a tombstone and behind that a very interesting looking structure. The tombstone is for Uzal Knapp who died in 1856, he lived to be the eldest surviving of Washington’s Life Guard. Which were troops who protected Washington at one point, similar to today’s secret service.


The above is entitled the Tower of Victory it was completed in 1890 and not only showcased the victory Americans had over the British, but also was built to commemorate the centennial of Washington’s stay. Over the years the roof has had to change due to damage.


All joking aside, the field stone farmhouse which is the design name of this building, was built originally in 1725 and using the original structure a few major changes occurred in 1750 and a kitchen was added in 1782 when the Continental Army arrived. In 1850, the state of New York acquired the property and it was the first property acquired and preserved by any state in the United State for historic reasons.


Inside, the previously pictured building, there’s numerous paintings, cannons, guns and other artifacts. The three level building has an unbelievable amount of those and there’s even a tour of the ground you can take.

In this above picture of George Washington, is a painting by Gilbert Stuart and it’s called the Lansdowne portrait. It was originally commissioned by Senator William Bingham of Pennsylvania. Stuart had also made various versions of this with slightly different notices so people can tell the difference between the original and the duplicates. Do you notice the books in the painting?


Speaking of paintings and the aforementioned Uzal Knapp even got one. He’s a good looking fellow right?


Of course I had to give a too sweet to George.


It was a great little visit to a historically landmark, but let me explain the little odd things you saw in earlier pictures. And explain my bad jokes as well. You see there was a walk and support for Habitat For Humanity going on during the day there. We which had just left the Donald Trump events going on across the river came across this. Obviously we thought the world was ending.