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Back on the 17th of April, we hit up the Albany version of the Funny Bone. It was my third time visiting the new location, and still won’t be the last.

It’s kind of sad how a new location has opened my eyes up to the stand up comedy scene. But I’m glad for that, although it’s pretty dang cool too.

This time out I got to see the comedic styling of Kevin Downey Jr, Erin Harkes and Dan Geurin. Downey who has seen time on America’s Got Talent was the headliner and came out like a ball of fire. Very, very good. And well, very offensive. But you know it’s a comedy show and if you get offended then well, the jokes on you.

His set saw him kill at least 20 people, and every time he went to drink well… I’ll save that for when you go and see him. Which I highly suggest spending a evening with Kevin Downey Jr. As he is a funny guy.

Erin Harkes brought out some funny stuff. Making fun of her self and female issues. She was quite funny and a hometown girl. I enjoyed her and even told her she did a good job at the end of the show. Yet, that was the saddest part, because you know, I don’t know really what to say to people.

Geurin, also a local played the host as he talked about his family and had some very funny jokes. Glad he’s a local because I’ll sure be looking at other venues to check out where he’ll be as well as Erin. As they’re both pretty good.

For the life of me I can’t remember the fourth comic and I wish I could. But now you know, I’m going to get heat for it.

But hey, I’ll just go to another show at the Funny Bone and laugh some more!

I hope one day soon the Funny Bone can expand to a full weeks worth of shows instead of just a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday thing. It’d be great to see local talent getting the Funny Bone stage. Plus it could help for the staff at the Funny Bone to work out the kinks. Not many, but there’s just a few.