Recently you may have seen some posts about random roadside attractions or places around the state of New York. Why is this? Well, last week I took a vacation from my job. Yep. My job actually let’s me do that.

Over my week off I did a lot of traveling, well, a little. I went north, south, east and even west. I traveled as far north as to Lake Placid, south to Newburgh, east to Ravena and west to Syracuse. And boy are my feet tired.

Okay, maybe I have a better car than those Flintstones’s but my jokes are better right?

So as I attempt to catch up with all the little adventures and sight-seeing I did please follow the tag Birthday Vacation for more great stories on the things I did.

Oh yeah, it was also my birthday! I turned an undisclosed age. I’ll give you a hint I’m not 32 years old anymore.

Damn I’m old though.

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