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Let me tell you the story of how I found a yellow brick road in Albany, New York. Yep, Albany is on the other side of the rainbow.


So we checked out this hike over in between Albany and Delmar. As the sign reads there’s also a organic garden, I didn’t see it. Plus it probably doesn’t exist in April. Because nothing exists outside in April in Upstate New York.


So we climbed up a hill and found this bridge.


It’s the Whipple Bridge. Which was designed by some dude and company in Syracuse, ironically. I actually met one of the heirs. He was a wrestler. I’m not sure whatever happened to him though. He seemed to disappear at one point or another.


After crossing the bridge you come to this fork in the road, yeah, it’s actually a tree.


We took a left and started heading up the hill and then all of a sudden I saw this brick!


And then I saw some more bricks. What in the world!? Where did these yellow bricks come from?


We turned back and started heading down the hill and then saw more bricks. The bricks were covered by pavement, but the yellow bricks are revealing themselves in a heart shape.


As we start following the yellow bricks, we found a washing machine. Sadly, we didn’t have any laundry detergent though.


We came upon a second bridge, this time it had more and more yellow bricks.


We started to cross the bridge. And suddenly we felt like we were being pointed out.


And then someone dated us and quoted us too.


And then after crossing the bridge, we came across these beautiful yellow brick road.


And then I came across this church. On the other side of the yellow brick road. Sadly Oz has let his Emerald City go.


Heading back, this is the yellow brick road from where I just came from.


And this is the bridge I had crossed with the yellow brick road. As you can see above it and behind it, is another bridge. The higher bridge is the current bridge as the other is the previous bridge formerly used.


I came across this and well, does anyone know what this is? Other than a homeless shelter.