Realizing you have a problem is hard. You can go on for days, weeks, months not knowing that you have a problem. You wake up, get yourself ready, shower, dress, drive to work, and spend your day working coming back home and well basically doing it all over again. You get stuck in a routine. And then one day it just clicks.

Obviously it’s not what you want to happen. You don’t dream about getting stuck in a routine. Going through your life living in a way where you have no fun, you don’t accomplish anything. All you’re doing is paying bills.

But we don’t want that. We all want more than that. We want to live. We want to have fun. Explore the world, have fun with friends and family. We don’t want to waste our life not living.

Considering this we try and accomplish so much. We spend the weekends, or for some of us, just our days off trying to do everything. Even our working days, we give up sleep to drive miles to attend things and have enjoyment. Even it’s for a brief moment.

Overcoming this is easier said than done. There’s people in this world that can accomplish true happiness. While the rest of us we just struggle to find those brief moments where we can have fun.

Okay this is all sounding so depressing. Like life sucks and then we die. Well, it’s not. It’s more than that. It’s about those brief moments. Spent with friends and family. Spent doing something fun and enjoying it. It’s not about crying about something that really doesn’t matter. Yeah, there are bad times and bad things happen. But you don’t need to ruin your life over it, pull up your pants and move on.

Knowing that will help you the most. Forget about the jokes and remember the good times. Do what you love, don’t ramble on about how you think you should be treated or if someone said something you didn’t agree with. Because honestly, you probably have done the same exact thing to someone in your past. But did you let that bring you down?

Sometimes you just need to forget the negativity. Do what you love and if you don’t love what you’re doing than change it. But don’t ruin things with other people. Nobody wants to hear about your negativity, they want to hear about your joy and happiness. The entire woe is me thing is as cool as well, nothing.

Understandably there are times when sorrow is acceptable. When someone you love or admired has passed away. But also there’s a point where you need to overcome that. You need to stop feeling sorry about the loss of that person and then move on and honor them by living your life to the fullest.

Common mistakes of this is leading to drugs, alcohol and other negative creatures. You don’t want to live your life to the fullest by bringing the evils of those into it. Those aren’t going to help you succeed. What will is living life by exploring the world, reading a good book, bettering your health. Doing something that will help others is always a plus. If you’re a carpenter then go ahead and build something.

Kidding always helps to counter act things. Jokes are the best way to make you feel good. Feeling sorry for yourself will never help at all. Nothing beats watching a good comedy for making yourself feel good about life. Joke around with people and most importantly don’t get offended by a joke.

Such as life. Whatever you do in life do it to better yourself and others around you. Don’t bring others down, but boost them up. And most importantly don’t make your problems other people’s problems, they have enough things to worry about than to deal with whatever you’re dealing with.