Mother’s Day is a tough day for me. It’s a tough day for my dad too. We’re both sons who lost their mother’s to cancer. It’s an extra added bond that we have together. Being guys we don’t talk about it much, we have don’t get me wrong, but we don’t have weekly meetings and saying how much we’re missing our moms.

Heck, we’re both Momma’s Boys after all.

With today being Mother’s Day all of that bad stuff is coming up again. The pains and the sorrows all of that sadness of losing your mother. It’s something I’ll think about throughout the day. I’ll remember past Mother’s Days I was able to spend with my mother. The time we saw Third Eye Blind at Albany’s Tulip Festival. Or the time I stupidly wrote Happy Mother’s Day on a Chinese menu instead of giving her a real Mother’s Day card.

Oh the great memories.

There hasn’t been anything special done on Mother’s Day since my mother passed away. Nor has there been since my dad’s mother, my grandmother passed away. It’s just another day in our lives. While everyone else is celebrating the day with their mother. We just go about our day like it’s just another Sunday.

I’ll probably change my Facebook profile picture to one with my mother. I’ll think about her and go on about my day.

Oh and try to remember that I can’t go to any restaurant because everyone takes their mother out. So I’ll have to either go to a fast food restaurant or get some food from the grocery store.

I mean, I could go to a restaurant but it’d be odd if I got a table for one, right? Just kidding.

While I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hang out with my dad today. I will message him and I hope he knows that despite not being my actual Mother, he’s done a good job over the last few years in being there.

So Happy Mother’s Day Dad. Don’t get your hopes up though, I’m not buying you flowers!