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This huge box arrived at my house on Wednesday, but what’s inside it?

Over the past few months I’ve found a strange fascination with photography, I have a number of people I can blame. But it’s pretty interesting to see what can be done with an actual camera instead of let’s say with a Samsung Galaxy S3 cellphone.

I have taken some really decent photos over the tenure of my camera phone, but I felt like there was something missing. I wanted to try and take better pictures and break out of the every day Facebook pictures and make something that’s very vivid and gives that wow factor.

So with that in mind and taking some of my birthday money, I went to some of my friends and family who had a camera and asked what type of camera to get. After being told some good options as well as someone telling me to get a camera designed by Fisher Price I went to Amazon and picked one out.

Without further ado, meet the newest member of my gadget family and it’s none other than a Canon EOS Rebel T5.


While I could have just gone to your local big box store ala Wal-Mart and/or Target I decided to get it off of Amazon because well, for about a hundred dollars more it came with a bunch of little add on gadgets that I just couldn’t refuse. Gadgets such as a second lens, a few memory cards, a cleaning kit, some other things as well as a traveling bag.

So look out as I will start to revealing the pictures from this camera and hopefully they’ll actually look half way decent. That’s one of my fears as well as falling out of love with the camera and it become another gadget I’ve wasted money on. But there’s always a good picture to take. So there’s that!

There’s only one other major problem I am going to be having and that’s what will I name my photography company?