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Throughout my life I’ve had one common theme and that being I’m a son of a model train enthusiast. To be more honest, I’m also a son of a son of a model train enthusiast. Both my dad and my grandfather are big into the model train scene, they both have a love affair with the hobby and they both have a basement full of model trains. Growing up with this in my life it was more of a joke than anything. I’m not saying I didn’t appreciate my father and grandfather’s love for the hobby but as someone who had model trains in nearly every single room in his house it was annoying. Although I did use some of the boxes that the box cars came in to hold and sort my baseball cards.

Over the past few months I’ve been working to see why my forefathers seem to find enjoyment in this hobby. With this I’ve traveled to and toured a model train show. And Thursday night I did one more big step. I took pictures of my dad’s train set.

After all I did just buy a brand new camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T5. So why not.

While my father’s train set isn’t finished. It’s a work in progress. He’s getting an article or something written about him and his train layout, see that’s the word I should use. So he asked if I could take pictures for it.

I’m thinking this is the article he was talking about. You know, get me to take pictures and I’ll want to talk about it right?

So I guess he got that lucky.

Now take a picture of my dad’s train layout as I’ve posted them on my Flickr account.