With the addition of a fancy camera to take pictures, you come up with different things. Such as processing the photos, some people don’t, some people go crazy and over process them.

With my Canon EOS Rebel T-5, I can go either way. The thing takes incredible pictures and well, they’re amazing. But what if I did go out of my way to process them just a little what would they look like.

I’ve tried with numerous photos, some need little work, some don’t need any at all. While others they just look like pure well, they don’t look good at all.

For instance this photo, the above one is an obvious picture of the sky. You can see the tree line, the clouds, the blue sky and that big bright sun. It’s a good picture, but what would happen if I did actually process it?

IMG_0227 (2)

And bam!

Look at the detail that pops out. The clouds are just incredible.

There’s all kinds of programs you can use. Various forms of photoshop and even your built in image viewer on Microsoft Windows has various features.

I’ve never tried it to this magnitude with any cellphone pictures I’ve taken, maybe I will. But you can try. As it is there’s various filters and what not you can add to your photos with Instagram that I have tried.

So what do you think of the processing of this photo? Worth it?