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With the new addition of my camera and living fairly close to the Cohoes Falls I decided to make my trumpet return. Obviously to an overwhelming amount of fanfare as the water was just falling all over to see me.

The similarities to this waterfall to the big one in between Canada and New York state, you know Niagara Falls are pretty comparable. But that’s only compared to the actual Niagara Falls, as there are three falls that encompass the actual area. Those being Niagara, American and Horseshoe Falls.

As these Cohoes Falls are roughly 1,000 feet wide and with a height of 90 feet. Which compared to just the Niagara Falls is actually a little bigger as they are 830 feet wide and range from 70 to 110 feet wide. But like I said that’s not including the American Falls or the Horseshoe Falls. Which alone the American Falls are 2,200 feet wide and 163 feet tall.

For fun I used both of my lenses, the 18-55 mm and 75-300 mm. The above picture is taken with the smaller of the two lenses as these following two are taken with the bigger or more magnified lens.


No this isn’t what the Falls look like when I zoom in. It’s just a off shoot to the side of the Falls.


Now see that’s what the falls looks like.


This is another small falls from the falls.

And in closing this is the one of the old Cohoes factories that has been turned into apartments. As you can tell it was a gorgeous day to visit and be outside in general.