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Over the weekend, I had an extra day or two off and took a nice needed vacation in New Jersey. Yeah, maybe there’s some irony in that statement. But on the way down we were looking to stop some places to take some pictures. Our original idea was to visit a World Trade Center Memorial, but there was a slight detour because of road construction and then I saw a sign for Liberty State Park. And why go to a memorial when you can go see the real thing.

If you’re not familiar with Liberty State Park, it’s located in the New Jersey side of the Hudson River and you can see the entire New York City skyline from this location. It’s also a very close to the Statue Of Liberty. Thus maybe the reason it’s called Liberty State Park.

At the end of this post I’m going to link to a gallery of the full size images I took, after much shock the new camera takes great photos and well, they come out a big size. Meaning they take up a lot of megabytes and all that technical terms.

But as for the Liberty State Park you can make out a lot of the New York City skyline from the World Trade Center to Empire State Building to countless others. As well as Communipaw Terminal which at one time served as the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal. It was open and functional until April 30th, 1967 and during Hurricane Sandy it incurred some damage.

As for the pictures I took, I used my generic 18-55 mm lens and at one point I went back to my car and switched to the 75-300 mm lens. You can probably tell the difference when this happens, I’ll give you a hint, I use it up until the one photo where you see the New York City skyline and a grass hill and then I shoot with it a few times and then go back to the original. Plus I get some shots of the back of the Statue Of Liberty with it.

But due to time constraints and someone not charging his camera we couldn’t explore more of Ellis Island and the State of Liberty. Maybe next time.

As for the full size pictures click this link to see more. If there’s any problem please comment, if you like what you see also comment!