Yesterday was a very tough day, I didn’t know weather to wake up or sleep. I knew I had to sleep a little extra because I had to return to my over night lifestyle, but I had so much to do. Shave, shower, get a hair cut, get food for Cinnoman. Plus all the 100 other things I had to do.

Overwhelmed wasn’t that half of it. It as just too much. I tried to take it easy. But it just didn’t plan out that way.

Underestimating things is what I wish I had done. Maybe I wouldn’t of had so much stress. I just took it one project at a time and celebrated with a “Yeah” once I finished each one.

Although I didn’t end up getting my hair cut, I was very successful. I slept, I showered, I shaved and I ate. Plus I got that food for Cinnoman.

Really I was very successful I came out on top. Because I ended up getting myself some lunch meat and made myself a sandwich for lunch. Thus giving me extra food for extra days.

Everything came together greatly and I’m very proud of it. But you know I could have done more, yet, I shouldn’t worry too much about that right?

Sleep. Well, that was tough. As it was a slightly nice day and I kept waking up every half an hour on the hour. While I’m glad I got some sleep it was annoying.

Thursday will be a better day, I know that because I’ll finally get back into a routine and well, also luckily enough will know I won’t have to work the next day.

Understanding these things help me cope with my anxiety. It’s like a stress reliever. I won’t have to worry about the little things when I know I have a day off coming up.

People seem to get overwhelmed with things like this. As for me I just try to cope. I know that there’s a lot of things going on in this world, but I just try and take them one by one. Yeah, I might miss something, but I laugh it off and not worry.

I try to just breathe and not let the world over take me. It’s easier to enjoy life when you don’t freak out about everything, but yeah, that’s easier said than done.

Deciding whether to deal with it or freak out should be your main priority. I only have anxiety when I know it’s something I’ve dealt with before and it turned out bad. So just keep your head up and keep smiling.