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Every month PJ sets up a theme for a photo challenge, in which you showcase 5 pictures in that theme. To read more about these theme’s check out PJ’s Photo Blog Challenge. This month I am upping my game as I went out and purchased a brand new camera. It’s a Canon EOS Rebel T-5, it might not be as big and bad as others. But it’s been giving me some fun and has me running around taking pictures of well everything! Considering I only got this around the 12th of the month, I may make a second version of this using my cellphone pictures. But that’s in the future, right now… we have this months theme and it’s…

This months theme is Outside The Box

1. Yogi


This is Yogi. Yogi for those who don’t know he’s my nephew, yeah, a little outside the box right? Well, during the month of May my brother and his future fiance went out on a trip and I was asked to check in on the little guy. Well, we spent a lot of time together, me trying out my new camera and him, well, enjoying the time with his uncle.

2. New York City


I took a little R&R in New Jersey in May, but on our way down we decided to do some sight seeing as well as take some pictures. Well, we planned on going to a bunch of World Trade Center memorials but we got lost looking for one and ended up at Liberty State Park in New Jersey. Which turned out to be one of the best getting lost I’ve ever had. As you can see this little flower showing that New York City ain’t all that big.


3. It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane.. Oh wait, It’s a Bird!

b0016 (2)

A little late on getting this one, I hit up the Albany Rural Cemetery for some photo taking. I’ve visited it before and within the last year as of a matter of fact. But not with my new fancy camera. So I parked my car and walked around, and well, on my way back to my car I found this bird flying around. And well, he’s a little out of the box right?

4. Wilmer Flores

IMG_1756 (2)

Went to a Double A baseball game in Binghamton and a major leaguer was rehabing there and it just happened to be one of the biggest players of last year. It’s Wilmer Flores! The guy who last year during the trading deadline was caught crying on the diamond because it was rumored he was getting traded away from the Mets. Well, it turned out he wasn’t. But luckily for me he didn’t get traded and just happened to have one last game rehabbing so I could take this shot and many more.

5. That Sky!


For those who follow my blog have probably seen this photo before and well, I’m kind of proud of it in a way. It may not be my first photo taken but it’s my first processed photos. It’s one of those that I’ll probably go back to and reprocesses. It’ll be my stepping stone to how good I become at taking photos. And really that’s outside the box.

For once I think I really captured this theme. But then again, I’m usually outside the box as it is.

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