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On the Friday of Memorial Day weekend I gathered my new camera and packed my car and headed to Binghamton. Nope, not for a wrestling show, but for a baseball game.

This wasn’t my first time in Binghamton for something other than wrestling, I mean, I’ve driven through Binghamton to go to other places. But baseball in Binghamton, I would learn there is other parts of that city.

Luckily for me I didn’t have to drive the entire way, nor attend this game alone. The Hachland’s good friend PJ from A ‘lil HooHaa, tagged along, okay maybe he dragged me along and taught me the ropes of taking pictures at a baseball game.

We got to Binghamton, quickly learning it was Cub Scouts night, or Little League night, not sure, but there were a lot of kids plus there would be fireworks later. Which turned the announced crowd to well over 6,000. Which ended up being one of their biggest crowds in over 20 plus years. Obviously, on the first night I ever attend people had to come out and see me.

The team in Binghamton are known as the Mets, they’re a Double A affiliate of the New York Mets. They would be taking on a team known as the Thunder based out of Trenton, a place I’m familiar with because the week before I spent the weekend about a half a mile down the road from their stadium. Sadly they were out of town and well, now they’re in town to face the B Mets.

Oh, by the way, the Thunder are associated with the Yankees, you know also from New York.

For the Mets they had the a guy down rehabbing, the one and only Wilmer Flores, a man who made a name for himself last year when he dropped a few tears when learning he’d be trading from the only team he ever played for. Only to be revealed that the trade didn’t go through and he would be staying.

Because of this, and not knowing many other players on the teams, Flores became the main focus. Which after reviewing my photos became quite disgusting. But hey, at least I got some good shots.

PJ and myself moved around to a couple different spots to shoot pictures and he even let me borrow his camera. Which felt like I was shooting something designed by the military. And yes, I did become quite jealous. Hey, maybe one day I can afford that kind of camera.

As for the game it was good, the fact I was able to take pictures it was even better. Plus there were a few odd happenings. Odd because they reminded us of wrestling, outside of the kid wearing a John Cena shirt there was another kid hired by Vince McMahon to make Roman Reigns look strong.

And yes, I did get recognized by one of the Mets fans.

While we were sitting in the bleachers, one of the fans said “hey Ernie Banks” and you know it was nice to be recognized.

As for the final product of my pictures click the link to take a look.