Publicly you can say and tell people one thing. You can stand tall and strong by the things you say and do. You can actually start to believe those things, but in the end they’re just a lie.

Justifying things to make you feel good about those lies is something that consumes a million people every day. You can think you’re right, but in the end you are just wrong. It’s a nice way to fake your friends, but in the end you’re only hurting yourself.

Inside you start to feel wrong, it hurts and you may even get sick to your stomach. Those lies you said run around your head and keep reminding you that maybe you should come out and tell the truth.

Someday soon someone else will catch on to what you’ve done. Someone will catch on and read between your leis. And they’ll confront you to the point where you will get burnt. To the point where they’ll call you out in a public forum.

Sometimes these lies aren’t even worth telling. It’s not like it’s doing you any good. We all know that it’s a lie. And you’re just fooling yourself.

Honesty within yourself is most trustworthy. But when you start lying to yourself is when you lose all honesty with others. It’s a time where you just have to be true with yourself.

Intense as it might be you should realize you are what you are. And if you’ve lived a certain way for the past five or six years, you need to realize you can’t change who you are. Once you’ve jumped on the bandwagon, once you’ve lived that lifestyle you can’t leave it.

Nothing in this world is more painful than being untrue to yourself. So don’t do it. Simple as that. Just be true to yourself and your heart. You can have your brain try and tell your heart not to care, but deep down inside your brain you know you still care. You desire that lifestyle.

Don’t miss out on that life. You love that life. You live supporting that life. Talking with those people. They’ve become your best friends, you love just being around those people. So don’t stop!

You need to wake up and go ahead and put a spike into those negative feelings and excite those positive feelings once more. As long as you can manage that anger you thought you felt and soon you’ll be dancing in the moonlight!