Adding a watermark to my photos is something I joked about, but never though about doing. Until well, I actually did it.

If you have see one photo, you have probably seen a thousand of them. And most of them have been done by a professional or even an amateur like me. And after awhile you’ve probably seen someone’s name on the photo. Sometimes they become quite humorous. The humor mainly by the size or placement of the said watermark.

For those who aren’t aware what a “watermark” is, it’s pretty simple it’s the words, or logo or whatever added to the photos. Like on the above picture I added “Hachland.com.” They call that a watermark.

I’ve seen the oddest placements of watermarks, from right in the middle of the photo. Which alone would be just wrong but it was a picture of the Hudson River. The reasoning this photographer added it was because he’s trying to sell the photo. Which heck, we all need money. But when you’re looking at photos to buy, you probably discredit those who’s watermark is using generic New Times Roman font. You know the most basic of fonts.

Watermarks I’ve also seen have taken up the entire picture. Yeah, I understand that’s your logo, but that’s also part of my face and my grandma is going to think I have the weirdest beard in the world. Or even worse I’ve pierced my ears.

As for me, I added the watermark to my wrestling photos I took. I did it more of a joke than anything else. Especially seeing I didn’t like how the photos came out, and  few of them were just the worst of the worst because they captured anything but wrestling.

I’m not sure if I’ll add the watermark to other photos or even use the same one. The main reason I added it to those particular photos is because I knew they’d be used by the wrestlers and I wanted some free promotion. Plus you know I’m a mark for myself.