This year for my blog has been a very good year, especially compared to past years. It started out very good with the first few months I stayed true to getting a post out every day and then sometime in April it got a little hard, and May was just a massacre of disappointment. It’s something I strive to better, but that’s like saying I’ll try when I know there’s no way I can.

But I do know I can, so I guess that doesn’t make any sense. The problem is that, there are days it’s very difficult for me to sit in front of this laptop and write out a story. With working the dreaded night shift, to trying to hang out with everyone and go to every sight in the world. It’s just wow.

I want to make Hachland great, make it great again if you will but there seems to be little to no time. I do have to work on linking things right, making it less confusing to people. But ugh, so much work!

Basically this is a wah life is hard post.

So maybe when this actually posts I’ll work on updating things to make it easier for people to search the site instead of waiting for blog posts. But then again, everyone’s so busy that they probably don’t have time to do that. I guess the whole worry is mute, because life is too busy for everyone.

Then again maybe I shouldn’t have more categories than posts. One day everything will work out. Until then, there’s always a new post to write. Or forget to write about.