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Night photography and lighting issues are my biggest challenges when it comes to take pictures. I know there is a solution, it’s probably a simple one. But it’s bothering me and I like pointing out my weaknesses.

The other day after the Free Baseball game at the Joe, I noticed how the sky looked and I knew I was close to seeing a perfect overview of the Albany skyline. So I took the long way home and attempted to get some pictures of that night sky.

As you see with the above picture, I didn’t quite get that picture perfect view. Blame Wal-Mart if you will or even blame Thomas Edison for all those wires.

But then again I guess you shouldn’t blame them at all, because if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t have any of these technology I’m using to take these photos.

So back to the photo, as you can see it’s okay, not great. I want to make it great. Maybe a better lens or even a better camera, but then maybe there’s some skill I haven’t learned yet. I hope to learn it of course. But hey, it’s still a nice photo.

As is this following photo.


The lack of lighting misses the entire beauty of the sunset, but the darkness gives a different look and feel.

Out of the two pictures which one do you like better? Granted you can see Albany better in the one, but still. And do you know any tricks for long distance photographing of skylines in the dark?