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I’ve always been a fan of history, it was one of my favorite subjects in school. Plus it’s always awesome learning about something you didn’t know before.

You can do many things with history. You can learn from it, you can read about it, you can research it, you can tell others about it and you can even visit it.

Over the past few years I’ve done a lot of traveling. Something that I had done briefly in the first 30 years of my life, but ever since getting my Samsung phone a few years ago I started traveling more. Whether it be for wrestling, family, baseball or just let’s go see what’s over there.

It’s been fun seeing that there’s basically something everywhere. And by something I mean there’s usually something historic somewhere. If it’s not a war memorial, it’s a notice that something was there, something is still there or a bunch of people used to hang out over here.

If you’ve followed this website the past few months you may have noticed a hashtag I’ve been using called “Chasing Blue Signs.” In New York state, and probably other states, but mainly New York they have showcased historic locations with these blue signs. I’ve tried to visit a bunch as well as take a bunch of photos of them.

The above is of a location in Amsterdam, New York. A few weeks ago while waiting for my brother and his fiance at a restaurant we noticed a blue sign, so I went and chased it. I parked took a picture of this Sweet Canal Store. And much to my surprise was another destination just across the street.

That being a memorial honoring the fallen men and women who served in the first World War. Dedicated in 1925 there’s a statue of a bronzed solider and even a couple of 155mm howitzers to witness. David Cunningham Lithgow was the sculpture and William E. Hennessey was the contractor.

If you want to visit it, it’s located on Guy Park Ave in Amsterdam. But if you want to see a few of my photos from it, they can be found by clicking these words.