The Saratoga Balloon And Craft Festival was this past weekend and it showcased a day of crafts and hot air balloons, and after attending three of the four launches I’m glad to showcase my pictures from the event.

You can see my first pictures from the Friday launch by clicking these words, and you can now learn about the second set of my pictures in which they held a moon glow later that night.

For those not familiar with the entire situation which is a Balloon Rally, there’s these things called hot air balloons, they’re cool. Well, they can only go up when the weather is a certain and particular way. But when they do go up, they’re so beautiful and calming.

Well, sometimes they don’t go up, they do this thing called tether. And well, Friday night, after the sun went down sometimes they do this thing called moon glow. It’s when they shine in the darkness of the night. And when they are pull their propane they glow.

It’s quite the sight for sure.

Friday night they did this, they held various balloon shapes and sizes from a balloon shaped like a fire hydrant to a balloon shaped like a minion firefighter.

No, they’re not all firefighter themed balloons, some of them were even sponsored by Stewart’s and Remax. So please take the time and check out these fantastic photos from the moon glow.

Visit my Flickr page for these pictures.