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So the other day I explained how I visited the Saratoga Balloon and Craft Festival. I explained how we attended the launch on Friday Night as well as the moon glow which occurred later that evening. Now, for your viewing pleasure I will talk about and showcase you the morning after.

To catch up with those blogs please read It’s A Balloon Festival! and It’s A Marvelous Night For A Moon Glow. There will still be more to come so please follow the hashtag to read the next few posts about the balloons! Which will be called Saratoga Balloon Festival.

After getting home at around 11pm from Friday’s activities I set my alarm for 4:30am to attend the morning launch of the balloons. Being super hyped from that Friday’s launch and wanting to see how my pictures came out, it was quite difficult to fall asleep.

Four thirty in the morning did come quickly, but I was still hyped to take some pictures of the balloons. Especially seeing mornings with hot air balloons are always awesome. Plus I had planned on getting in my car and chasing the balloons. Taking photos of them and watching where they go down.

I get to the Saratoga County Fairgrounds, park my car, bring my camera and of course a coffee. And well, it’s a little of a waiting game, waiting for the weather, the balloonist and their riders to show up. I take some preliminary shots of the sky, I notice the clouds are on point either way they go. And by that I mean, either way the balloons go. Because they could go right, left, north, south, basically wherever the wind wants to guide them.

Then without any announcement or warning, the balloonists begin! They begin emptying their trailers, rolling out their balloons, putting their baskets together. And firing off their burners.

Now if you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about with burners and baskets and what not. Take a quick look at this diagram.


As you understand this more, you’ll also have to quickly understand that to open the envelope’s they need to get air inside them. So they use fans, as you will see with the pictures I took. Although thinking back, I think I should have posted this diagram on the first post, oh well, you’ll just have to keep clicking back and forth.

While the balloonists are all getting ready, I’m getting ready too. Walking around searching for the best angle, and basically the best spot to take a great picture. I take a shot there, I take a shot here, I take one under a tree, and then suddenly get scared there might be a wolf over there.

Then I realized I wasn’t Dr. Seuss and looked up and saw the big bright light that most call a sun. Oh that wonderful sun. It will either make or break these photos I thought. And well, as I learned from looking through them, it made some and broke others.

As you will suddenly see with all my photos, I took a bunch and am sharing a bunch. I’m attempting to showcase the different spots in preparing the balloon there are. From unrolling the envelope, to blowing it up, to how big it actually is, and all that other fun stuff.

So enjoy this part and just know there’s still more to come!