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Earlier I talked about taking photos of Albany from across the Hudson River at night time after a baseball game. I talked about how they weren’t the best and I blamed it on the night and the lack of much knowledge on the whole night photography thing. Which you can reread or read for the first time, An Attempt At The City.

But I went back and tried to shoot it again. So after work, which for those who don’t remember, I work over night shifts, so this is 8am or so. I saw the clouds, I saw the sun, I thought, hey, there’s got to be a place across the river that would be a great place to take photos.

So I headed over to Rensselaer, I drove up to East Greenbush. I basically shot from five different locations. I could have given up after the first location I found, but I decided to try different ones. I returned to the same spot I tried at the night time.

And well, I think most of the came out pretty, pretty good. If I say so myself.

One of the locations I found was behind tree limbs, I thought it was a little interesting, nothing too special. One of the others, was kind of sad, because those ding dang telephone and electric lines were in the way. Damn wires!

I also got some various locations around from where I was standing, so please take a look and give me a comment. Once again they’re on my Flickr page.